How To Get People To Do What You Want

September 30th, 2015

How valuable would it be if you had the ability to instantly grab someone’s attention and get them to listen to you?

What if we took this one step further and you were able to gain their full cooperation?

Today I’ll show you how to make this your reality.

Since June 2007 I’ve been using this very process in my own business with amazing results.

It’s allowed me to grow my business.

It’s allowed me to get the full cooperation of extremely influential people.

It’s allowed me to further my own causes and get all the things I want in life.

This is an extremely powerful strategy and I trust you’ll use it ethically.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

Meet The Real You

September 24th, 2015

Last week we discussed the controversial topic of taking responsibility.

I also told you the story of flying all the way to Texas, only to have my mentor tell me that I was solely responsible for the downturn I was having in my business at the time.

And like I said… that stung.

But here’s what came of it!

I took his words to heart and began to think of the possibilities.

If I truly am responsible for what take place in my world and my life, then let’s start playing around with this.

Let’s start having some fun.

Let’s see what I’m really capable of.

Today we’re going to fast forward 3 short months.

I’m going to share another experience so you can see what happened when I took personal responsibility.

Talk about a different outcome.

And this is what I want for YOU!

Let me know your biggest ‘take away” by sharing your comments below.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

Take Some Responsibility

September 16th, 2015

This is going to sting a little.

By the time you’ve watched this, you might be steaming mad at me, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take in order to share this message with you today.

I’m going to give you the same life-changing advice that a good friend and mentor gave me several years ago.

If you’re not where you say you want to be in any area of your life… it’s no one’s fault but YOURS!

Ouch… right?!

And when you stop blaming external circumstances for your lot in life, things will be FAR different for you.

What if you began telling yourself a different story?

What if you already possess everything you need?

What if you have the power to completely change or alter your situation at will?

Check out this week’s message and let me know your thoughts below.

I’ll be back next week to keep this discussion moving forward in a powerful way.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

Don’t Give Away The Farm

September 11th, 2015

If you want to build a large subscriber list, you need to offer something of value, and do it at no charge so you can get people to raise their hand and give you their email address.

But… you don’t want to keep giving everything away.

As I write this, I just finished talking with a client from overseas… New Zealand to be exact.

Isn’t Skype great?!

Long story short, this individual has built an email list of 80,000 subscribers on the topic of yoga.

And they’re incredibly engaged with him.

When he sends out an email, 19-20,000 of his subscribers open it.

That’s HUGE!

Problem is, he’s not making much income.

After talking with him for a few short minutes, we immediately uncovered his problem.

And it’s so easy to fix.

Watch the video so I can show you how.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

The Ripple Effect

August 28th, 2015

When you surround yourself with like-minded people who share your vision and excitement, the ripple effect reaches farther than you can imagine.

The vision starts with you, but very quickly picks up momentum and extends far beyond yourself.

I explain The Ripple Effect here.

Once your vision is shared with like-minded people who are also passionate about your vision, you now get to experience exponential growth.

It’s no longer about only you.

Sure… you’ll continue to share your vision, your passion and your excitement for what you’re doing, simply because you want to.

But many others will be doing the very same thing because each person who shares your vision is literally compelled to share it.

The Ripple Effect will continue… on, and on, and on.

All you have to do is get it started by sharing your vision with a few like-minded people.

So let me ask you…

Can you share your vision with a few like-minded people?

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

Selling vs Demonstration

August 19th, 2015

As a business owner we must sell things in order to create cash flow.

Without sales, we have no business.

Yet so many people are hesitant when it comes to selling.

If the idea of selling is slowing you down, demonstrate instead.

Demonstration is FAR more powerful than selling!

This week I give you a specific example of how I demonstrate in my own business.

You’ll be able to model this example for your own use and immediately eliminate any fears you may have around selling.

And just so you know…

This example applies to every area of your life, not just business.

Want better results in every area of your life?

Start demonstrating!

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

Get Out Of Your Own Way

August 6th, 2015

Are you living the life of your dreams right now?

Is the work you do completely fulfilling?

Are you making a difference in this world?

Are you building a legacy?

If not… it’s time that you got out of your own way.

Most people are standing in their own way when it comes to being who they really want to be in this world, making the kind of impact the really could make, and of course, getting paid the kind of income they really want to be paid.

I too am one of those people who likes to have all their ducks in a row.

I’m not much for flying by the seat of my pants.

But at some point, you just have to get out of your own way so you can be the person you were meant to be.

Here’s how…

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

Your Biggest Question

July 30th, 2015

There’s one single question I get asked far more than any other.

If you’re interested in starting your own business using the internet, it’s 99.9% certain that you want the answer to this question as well.

What’s the question?

Watch the video and find out.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

Repeat… Repeat…

July 23rd, 2015

Today I’ve got a confession to make…

As an entrepreneur and business owner, I’m one of the most UN-prolific guys you’ll ever meet.

While so many business owners are continually coming out with this new thing, that new thing, whiz bang this, push button that… I’ve been offering only one core product for the last 12 years.

That’s right… only 1 core product.

Granted, it’s been updated 9 times over the last twelve years, but it’s the same core product.

This is called going deep.

I’ve been talking about the 4 or 5 topics I’m truly an expert at, and helping the people I serve by simply repeating the same message over… and over… and over again.

The point in sharing this is simple.

When you’re passionate about what you do…

When you really want to make a difference in people’s lives…

When you love helping the people your business serves…

You don’t have to be prolific.

You don’t have to continually come up with the next “new” thing.

You don’t have to juggle hundreds of balls in your business.

All you’ve got to do is be yourself, and go really deep in helping those you serve.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

What’s Your Opinion?

July 12th, 2015

I’ve got 3 very important questions for you today.

Do you value your own opinion?

Do you value your own insight?

And do you value these things more than you value others opinions of you?

Your answer to these 3 questions are critical when it comes to what and how you think for yourself.

Your own opinion and thinking MUST take precedence over anyone else’s.

Here’s why.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

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