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Looks Like I Struck A Nerve

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

One subscriber in particular didn’t care for the email, or the blog post I made the other day.

Here’s the hate mail he sent, as well as my reply:

= = =


Give me a break.

Some of us are very busy people and we’re not the least bit interested in your superflous and irrelevant emails that do not answer our questions.

You have refused to respond to the repeated telephone messages I left in your office over the weekend.

I want to speak with you in person, yet it’s been two days now, and you haven’t returned my phone call.

So top sending me this stuff, because it’s sure as heck not helping me make money with my business. And you obviously don’t give a rip about your subscribers.


Well Don…

I have to say, with an attitude like that, I’m not surprised that you’re struggling to make money in your business.

And unless you make some changes, I doubt you ever will.

I realize that you might be madder than a hornet about what I’m writing – but all I can say is, this is coming straight from the heart, and I’m not going to sugar coat anything.

It looks like you haven’t been paying much attention to what I’ve been sharing with you.

If you had, you’d know how to go about Speaking With Me In Person.

I too am a busy guy, which requires me to make the best use of my time. Besides, Lisa and the kids wouldn’t be too happy if I took to working weekends.

I had enough of them thar long hours when I used to work as an Alaska Fisherman.

The truth is, I do want to help you.

But if you’re not willing to take a little bit of self initiative, there’s not much that I (or anyone else for that matter) can do for you.

If you have specific questions that you need answered, or you’d like to speak with me personally, all you gotta do is Go Here.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson

What If You Were A Mind Reader

Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

What if you could read people’s minds?

You’d be making a whole lot more money, that’s for sure.

If you knew what people were thinking and what kind of products and services they wanted, all you’d have to do is give it to them.


When you gave them what they already wanted, they’d come flocking to you, with money in hand, ready to buy what you had to offer.

Sound too good to be true?

Let me assure you, it’s not.

In fact, I’ve been doing this very thing for the last 5 years, and that’s why I consistently make $7,000.00 to $10,000.00 a month with my part time home-based business.

I’m able to get my products in front of people, at the exact moment they’re looking for what I have to offer.

As a result, my products are always in the right place at the right moment in time, when people are looking to buy them.

I’m never perceived as selling, but rather as a “trusted advisor” who’s got just the answer my prospects are looking for.

And you want to know something else?

Because I’ve structured my business this way, my customers are happy to spend money with me.

But I’ve gotta level with you…

None of this would even be possible if it weren’t for a little known tool that I discovered 5 years ago.

This tool gives you the power to actually read people’s minds, so you know exactly what kind of products they’re looking to buy.

Armed with this information, you simply provide them with these products, and just like magic, they will buy from you.

Over the last few months I’ve been hosting a Free Tele-Seminar, where I’ve shown hundreds of people how to use this tool.

And now, they too are making tons of money in their own home-based businesses.

If you want to find out how to use this little known tool for yourself, be sure to join me on the Next Tele-Seminar.

I can’t wait to show it to you.

Kevin Thompson

P.S. There’s only 39 lines available for this event, so be sure to register right now by Clicking Here.

It Doesn’t Get Better Than This

Monday, February 20th, 2006

2006 is shaping up to be one heck of a year!

I’ve got to admit, though I’ve been involved in home business since 2000 (and it’s been my only source of income since April 19, 2004), I’ve never been more excited about what the future holds.

Both my subscribers and clients (or which you’re one), are without a doubt “in the right place at the right time”.

Never before have so many people I’ve worked with made so much money or so dramatically increased their prior year’s incomes.

In the last 2 months alone, I’ve had private consultations with many of you who have discovered that you’re sitting on financial goldmines.

All you have to do now is take action so you can claim the money and lifestyle that’s rightfully yours.

While most home business owners sit around, complaining about the sad state of the economy, you’re having incredible growth in your business.

If you’re reading this, and under the mistaken impression that we’re in a bad economy, let me share a story that will certainly change your mind.

Lisa and I recently spent the day in Seattle with her oldest son Jerry and his girlfriend Alicya.

On this particular day, we decided to take the elevator ride to the top of the Space Needle, which cost us $13.00 each.

As we were standing in the long line to board one of the three elevators, I was amazed at how many folks had just shelled out the $13 fare for the 43 second ride to the top.

As I read the souvenir booklet, I discovered that each elevator holds 25 people.

I quickly did the math.

25 people, at $13.00 each…

That’s $325 bucks each time that elevator goes up.

And keep in mind, we waited in line for about 45 minutes, for our turn. I’m willing to bet there was a similar line for most of the day.

As we were waiting, a photographer took our picture, next to the Space Needle, just as she’d done for everyone else.

When we came back down, Lisa promptly purchased a copy of the 5×7 photo for $13.50.

I tell you all this to make an important point.

Actually, a couple of points.

If you think we’re in a bad economy, think again. People in this country are spending money like never before.

When you position your business to give people what they “already want” (as in the case of the Space Needle) they will gladly buy from you.

For many folks, price is not an issue. In fact, a huge percentage of the population has what’s called, “pride in spending”, which means they’re happy to pay more money in exchange for getting exactly what they want.

All of this requires that you ask yourself this question:

As a home business owner, how can I structure the presentation of my product or service in order to give people what they already want?

And if you’re just getting started in your own home business…

Ask yourself this question:

How can I find a hungry group of easily reachable people, then give them what they already want?

Most business owners do things completely backwards.

They concentrate on finding the best product or service, not giving any thought to who, or how they’re going to sell that product or service.


When you take a moment to consider business differently, you’ll make More Money Than You Ever Imagined.

Kevin Thompson

The Valentine’s Day Nightmare

Thursday, February 16th, 2006

I could have just as easily titled this story, “How NOT To Treat Your Customers”.

You’re not going to believe what happened to Lisa and I on Valentine’s Day.


In order to set the stage, I need to give you some background.

This story actually begins last December, right before Christmas, when my brother and his girlfriend invited us to dinner at this high end restaurant called The Melting Pot.

Kyle (my brother) had been raving about how great this restaurant was. Since Lisa and I had never been there, or even heard of it for that matter, we were excited to go try something new.

And though it was more than an hour’s drive away, I have to say, I was really impressed with the place.

The restaurant certainly wasn’t cheap, but the food was excellent and the experience was one to remember.

The Melting Pot is a fondue restaurant, and you cook your own meal, at your table in a fondue pot.

Your table is equipped with a heating element and the server brings your food on a beautiful platter, pre-cut into bite size pieces.

It includes steak, tuna, salmon, prawns, chicken, lobster, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.

You then use skewers to cook your food, one piece at a time, in the fondue pot.

As you can imagine, it takes awhile to eat dinner, but the food is incredible. And needless to say, it’s quite a unique experience.

And for desert, they bring you another platter, only this time it’s filled with strawberries, bananas, pineapple, cheesecake and pound cake.

They also bring you another fondue pot, full of chocolate… for dipping all those deserts in.

Lisa and I had a great time, and though it cost us $44 each for the meal, we knew we’d go back again some day.


This is where the story gets REALLY scary!

That “some day” was sooner than later.

In fact, that “some day” came less than two months after our first visit when Lisa and I made plans to take her two oldest sons (and their girlfriends) to The Melting Pot for Valentine’s day.

Like my brother Kyle… Lisa too had been raving about the restaurant, which naturally made the kids want to experience it for themselves.


After making the hour-long trip to the restaurant, our Valentine’s Day experience seriously paled in comparison.

For starters, the restaurant had drastically increased the prices for this special day, while simultaneously decreasing what was included with your meal.

The meal that Lisa and I had paid $44 each for in December, was now $65.

And it didn’t even include a lobster tail.

If we wanted a lobster tail with our meal, we’d need to pay an additional $22, bringing the grand total to $87… per person.

That’s twice the price we paid in December.

Needless to say, we felt taken advantage of. But because we had the kids with us, we decided to stay (even though they felt we shouldn’t)

The final cost for the 6 of us… $518.67.

I’ve gotta be honest here, we felt completely ripped off.

As we were driving back home, I swore to Lisa that we’d NEVER go back to The Melting Pot again!


This ain’t the end of the story.

As a business owner myself, I do everything possible to go the extra mile and always give my clients more than they expect.

But even at that, I drop the ball every once in awhile. And had the client not let me know, I would’ve never even realized it.

So I got to thinking.

Rather than bad mouthing this restaurant to everyone on the planet, I should at least let them know what happened, and give them a chance to fix the situation.

And that’s exactly what I did.

I called back to the restaurant and asked to speak with the manager.

After telling him our story, he came through with flying colors and took care of everything.

In fact, you can Eavesdrop In On The Entire Conversation.

All of this brings up four very important questions.

1. What do your customers REALLY think about your business?

2. Are you meeting (or even exceeding) their expectations?

3. Would they tell you if they weren’t happy with you, your product or your service?

4. Or would they just write you off, never do business with you again, and bad mouth your company to everyone they come in contact with?

It’s vitally important that once you set your customers expectations, you continue to deliver on those expectations.

Don’t drop the ball when they come back to spend money with you a second, third or fourth time.

Make sure you ALWAYS give them what they’ve come to expect.

Better yet…

Give them MORE than they expect.

And here’s why:

A happy customer will tell their friends, family and neighbors about you and send business your way, which is a very good thing.

But an unhappy customer…

They’ll scream your shortcomings from the rooftops, and they’ll do it with a vengeance.

They’ll tell everyone they come in contact with, about how you took advantage of them.

And trust me, it’ll cost you more in lost sales and referral business than you’ll ever know.

But on the other hand, when you take care of your customers, they’ll love you for it, and more importantly, they’ll provide you with the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of, for years and years to come.

Would you like to have this kind of a business – a business like mine – a business like my clients? If so, get ready to Start Making Your Dreams A Reality.

Here’s to your success,

Kevin Thompson

P.S. Don’t put off til later what you know you should, And CAN Do Now.