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Harley Davidson & Home Business

Monday, August 28th, 2006

When you saw the title of this article, I’m guessing that your first thought was, “What in the heck does Harley Davidson have to do with home business”.

And if you were like most, you’d immediately assume that there’s no correlation.

If so, you’d be wrong.

One of the biggest strategies I teach my clients is how to build a HUGE subscriber list.

Doing so gives you the opportunity to actually have a relationship with your prospects, subscribers and clients, with very little effort (or time invested) on your part.

You see…

Very few business owners make any attempt whatsoever to maintain a relationship with the people who frequent their establishment.

I mean think about it:

When was the last time you visited a restaurant, used a dry cleaning service, hired a carpet cleaner, or took your vehicle to a mechanic?

After doing so, did the owner of that business make any attempt to contact you (after you’d just spent money with them)?

Of course not!

They didn’t send you a postcard, a letter, an email or give you a phone call.

They did none of that.

But had they done so, you would’ve been blown away. And I can guarantee that it would’ve made one heck of a lasting impression on you.

I’ve been using this strategy for almost 7 years with my little online mold business (at, and that’s precisely why I’m able to put $7,000.00 to $10,000.00 a month into my bank account.

Now here’s the rub.

You don’t usually see big companies using this kind of smart marketing.

Big companies typically have to deal with mountains of red tape and answer to a board of advisors, which makes it almost impossible for them to actually implement an automatic income system like this.

Fortunately, for the small business like you and I, we don’t have to deal with all this garbage.

But I’ve got to hand it to Harley Davidson.

They’re currently running a HUGE lead ad campaign, with the sole purpose of building a large list of subscribers that they can then stay in touch with, and build a relationship that will cause the prospect to want to buy their products.

When I first saw their campaign, I would’ve sworn that someone inside their company had participated on one of my teleseminars.

After all, they’re using the very secrets that I’ve been revealing to my clients and subscribers for the last 15 months.

But the truth is, the most likely paid some big, fancy-schmancy advertising agency thousands and thousands of dollars to design this system for them (had they taken part in one of my teleseminars, they could’ve saved all that cashola).

But let me stay on track.

Here’s how it works:

They run what’s called a “Lead Ad” in various locations where their ideal prospect will see it.

The lead ad then prompts the visitor to visit the Harley Davidson website, and in specific the web page at

When the prospect gets to the site, they’re not so gently prompted (in fact, they’re almost dared) to enter their contact information.

And when they do, the Harley Davidson Company will then stay in touch with that person, continuing to build a relationship, until said prospect decides to purchase a Harley Davidson product.

Now that’s brilliant!

But like I mentioned earlier, I’ve been showing average folks, just like you, how to use this very concept for yourself, so you to can put thousands of dollars a month into your bank account.

If you’re tired of sitting on the fence, and ready to have a massively profitable home business of your own (one that you can be proud of), then race on over to This Web Page right now.

But let me warn you…

I’m a pull no punches kind of person.

While the secrets I reveal on this teleseminar are sure to run contrary to everything you’ve ever heard about makin munnee in home business, when you use them, you WILL bank MAJOR coin.

And that’s a fact.

So be sure to register for my next FREE Teleseminar right away.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson

Yes, It Really IS This Easy

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

I got a great email the other day from one of my newest clients, and let me tell you, it’s correspondence like this that makes my day.

First, let me share Beth’s email with you.


I’ll tell you why she’s so excited.

= = =

Hi Kevin,

It’s Beth Beardslee here.

I just got home from surgery, but wanted to share this with you.

After speaking with you about my project on last week’s coaching call, the only thing I’ve had time to do with the site is change the auto responders like you told me to, and put the live links in.

In the next two days I’ll do the rest of the things that we spoke about.

However, I have 122 opt in subscribers right now, and today, made my first sale!

I just had to share that with you.

Thanks for all your help. You have given me HOPE, where there previously was none.

Beth Beardslee

= = =

Let me start by saying that what Beth has accomplished, is NOT rocket science.

All she did was follow a step-by-step system, and now, it’s working for her.

Reading her email took me back about 7 years, when I made my very first sale on the internet, for a mere $39.95.

No, it wasn’t a lot of money, but what made it so exciting was the fact that I’d set up a system that worked, and it automatically put a small amount of money into my bank account.

All I had to do now was improve upon the system, so it would put even more money into the bank for me.

Here it is, just a few short years later, and the system is now putting $7,000.00 to $10,000.00 into my bank account every month, just like clockwork.

As a result of this success, for the last year or so, I’ve been showing others how they can do the same.

And Beth is just one of those fortunate folks.

Beth came to me at her brother’s request.

Since he was already a client, he knew the value of the methods I teach.

After speaking with Beth about her project, I knew she was sitting on a financial goldmine.

All she needed was a sense of direction, and that’s exactly what I gave her.

She used the strategies revealed on my No-Charge Teleseminar to get started.

And let me tell you, she didn’t waste a minute of time.

She got her own Automatic Income System up and running in a matter of days.

And after doing so, she was getting an incredible response.

Over 87% of everyone who came to her site was opting into her subscriber list, which let us know that they were REALLY interested in what she had to offer.

Only problem was…

She wasn’t making any product sales.

So, on a recent member coaching call, we took a look at Beth’s project, and I immediately noticed about 7 things she could do, in order to start making sales.

As you can see in Beth’s email above, to date, she’s only had a chance to implement one of the strategies I shared with her.

And when she did, her first sale came in.

I can only imagine the kind of cashola that will come pouring in when she implements the other strategies I shared with her.

And here’s the best part:

This is NOT an isolated incident.

Everyone following my advice has been reporting the same kind of results.

I don’t tell you this to brag or boast. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

I’m just an average person who was determined to succeed.

It took me years of hiring consultants, testing, fine-tuning and a whole lot of hard work in order to discover the secrets that I know share with you on my no-charge teleseminar.


If you want to start making munnee like Beth and the rest of my clients, I suggest that you race on over and find out if there’s still any openings for my Next Teleseminar.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson

P.S. I look forward to speaking with you, when you’re one of the first 39 subscribers who join us for the next Automatic Income Teleseminar.

Lessons From Leo

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

Last year, right before Christmas, my wife and youngest daughter Kaitlynn came home one evening with a “surprise early Christmas gift” for me.

A kitten!

Apparently, they’d stopped by one of our local pet stores, and after seeing this particular cat, decided to buy it, bring it home, and present it to me, under the guise of being a gift.

Now, I have to be honest here, I wasn’t jumping for joy about the thought of another pet joining our household.

Truth is, I was a little miffed by the fact that Lisa and Kaitlynn had brought this cat home, without even talking with me about it in advance.

Had they done so, I could have headed them off at the pass, and prevented the entire event.

And I wasn’t buying the whole “This is a Christmas gift for you bit” either.

I mean really…

Let’s at least be honest here.

This cat wasn’t a gift for me.

It was a gift for them.

And my initial reaction to this ordeal wasn’t a very good one.

I told the girls, “The cat has to go back where it came from. I don’t want another pet in our home”.

As soon as I said this, Kaitlynn’s eyes filled with tears.

And me, being the macho tough guy that I am, ended up caving to the pressure.

The girls had me beat, and we kept the cat, who quickly became known as Leo.

As time went on, our entire family fell in love with this cat, myself included.

Leo was unlike any other cat I’ve ever seen.

He was bubbling with personality and loved to get attention.

He quickly became a HUGE part of our family.


Last Wednesday night, a terrible thing happened.

Lisa, Kaitlynn and I had stopped by the grocery store. I was waiting outside in the car for them, when I get a call on my cell phone from our oldest son Jerry, telling me that Leo had been run over by a car.

My heart immediately sank.

You see, Leo was one of these cats that just loved to go outside and carouse the neighborhood.

Sometimes he’d be out for the entire day.

But, sooner or later, he’d always return home for food, shelter, rest and the attention that he could never get enough of.

We tried to keep Leo corralled in the house, but he was one heck of an opportunist. If he ever saw anyone heading for a door, he immediately went to work, planning his escape.

Sometimes we’d be able to put an end to his escape by cutting him off at the pass, but most of the time, he’d succeed with his carefully laid out plans.

We’d always been concerned with the possibility of him getting run over, especially since there’s a busy street near our home.

As I spoke with Jerry on the phone, I seriously debated having Jerry take the cat to the vet to be put to sleep, without telling the girls what had happened.

I’d prefer to let them think that Leo had simply went away and found another home, rather than letting them know what had happened.

But as Lisa and Kaitlynn came out of the store, they saw the “look” on my face.

As soon as Lisa got in the car, she immediately asked, “what’s wrong with you”?

At that moment, I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to hide the truth from them.

I said, “Leo’s been hit by a car”.

And just like I knew would happen, both of the girls burst into tears.

As we raced home, Lisa called Jerry back, and could barely speak, as she tried to find out what had happened.

After getting home, Lisa and Kaitlynn couldn’t bear to see Leo in the state he was in. They stayed outside as I went in the house so I could find out if we we’d be able to save our beloved pet.

As I walked through the door, Jerry and his girlfriend Alicia were tending to Leo on the kitchen floor.

As soon as he saw me, he immediately began meowing. And though his back end was completely crushed, he attempted to crawl toward me, dragging his rear end as he went.

I can only imagine the pain he was in.

But, in spite of this, he didn’t show it. All he wanted was out attention.

Since it was late in the evening, My oldest daughter Michaela and I took Leo to the emergency veterinary clinic.

After doing x-rays, the vet showed us that Leo’s spine and rear hips had been completely shattered.

And though there was a small possibility that an operation, followed by weeks of recovery, could repair the damage done, there was no guarantee of the outcome.


We still didn’t know the extent of Leo’s internal injuries.

The vet was extremely blunt with us, telling us that even when everything was said and done, our Leo probably wouldn’t be left with an acceptable standard of life.

After hearing this, Michaela and I decided that it was best to have Leo put to sleep.

We called home to let the rest of the family know what was going on, and they agreed with our decision.

Michaela and I spent what seemed like an eternity, saying our last good-bye’s to Leo, and after much crying, we left the clinic to return home, without our friend.

As you can imagine, as I write this, and recount these events, I’m sitting here at my computer keyboard, once again in tears.

But as I think about Leo, and the incredible sense of loss I feel at this moment, I’ve learned a valuable lesson from this experience, as painful as it was.

You see…

I used to be one of these guys who thought people were crazy to spend thousands of dollars on their family pet after an accident.

Whenever I heard stories like this, I’d always thing to myself, “Why would anyone do that? If it were me, I’d just have the animal put to sleep and get a new pet, rather than spend all that money”.


When it came right down to it, and I was plummeted into this situation, I found myself singing a VERY different tune.

As we were taking Leo to the vet, I told Michaela that I’d do ANYTHING that was required in order help our cat recover.

At that moment, the price didn’t matter.

If the vet had told me, “I can guarantee that Leo will recover and be the same cat you’ve always known, but it’s going to cost $8,000.00”, I would’ve written out a check.

At that moment, as Michaela and I drove Leo to the vet, I broke down in tears. I discovered that I really did have a heart.

Who would’ve ever thought that a cat could have such a profound, life-changing affect on our lives.

We love and miss you Leo.

Kevin Thompson

P.S. To see this article, with photos, just Go Here.

How Fast Can I Make Munee?

Friday, August 4th, 2006

People often ask me, “How fast can I actually make munee in my own home business”?

And I always tell them…

“That depends on a couple of things, and in order to answer this question for you, I need to get a little more information”.

I then go on to ask them a series of questions so I can offer some accurate advice.

The biggest question being:

“Are you willing to follow step-by-step instructions from someone who’s been selling REAL goods and services, to REAL people for almost 7 years”?

If I get a “Yes” answer to this question, I then ask, “Are you willing to accept the fact that everything you thought you knew about making munee in your own home business is dead wrong”?

If I get another “yes” answer, I know this individual is going to do very well.

Only problem is…

Most people are set in their ways, and they refuse to open their mind to the possibility that there might be a better way to do things.

Instead, they continue doing the same ole thing, and even though it’s not working, they keep heading down the road to business failure.

But, on the other hand…

Those who chose to open their minds (just a little bit), are making munee faster than they ever dreamed possible.

Take Walter Painter for example.

Walter is a 71 year old retiree from Dalton, Georgia.

He’d tried a lot of different things in the past, yet none of them made any munee.

He finally decided to try something new, and it paid off, BIG TIME!

At the moment, Walter is using the Automatic Income System to make $5.65 for every $1 he invests, and he accomplished this in just 13 days.

Yes, you heard me right, I said 13 days.

In essence, Walter’s got his own virtual slot machine.

So let me ask you…

If you could put $1 in a slot machine, and every time you did, you got $5.65 back out of it, how many dollars would you put in?

If you’re ready to find out how Walter did it, you now have the opportunity to hear from him in his own words, “live” and in person.

Walter will be revealing all of his secrets on my Birthday Bash teleseminar.

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Kevin Thompson

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