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Your Sales Prevention Department

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

I’ve been wanting to get a new digital camera, and last weekend I took my oldest son Jerry along, and we set out to make the purchase.

I’d already done research online, so I knew which model I wanted.

I even knew which store I was going to give my business to.

To say that I was pre-sold before I walked into the store would be an understatement.

My purpose wasn’t to browse their electronics department and ask the salesperson an endless series of questions for an hour or so.

No siree!

I was ready to buy, and ready to buy now.

So imagine my surprise when I enter the store, only to meet the “sales prevention department”.

Sure, the guy was helpful.

He showed me the camera that I wanted and even spent time reviewing all the features with me and my son (which I appreciated).

After a few minutes, I pulled out my credit card, set it on the counter, and announce that I’ll take it.

The sale was made!

So imagine my surprise when the guy behind the counter tells me that the store down the street has the same camera on sale, and then suggests that I go buy one from them.

I looked at my son Jerry in amazement.

This guy had just made the sale.

It was in the bag.

So what does he do?

He throws it out the window.

If the owner of the store knew what this guy did, he’d probably be fired on the spot.

I immediately put my credit card back in my wallet and headed over to the other store to make my purchase.

Thankfully, they were willing to take my money and let me buy from them.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this happen.

When it comes to home business, without even realizing it, most people have their sales prevention department operating in full force.

It might not be as blatant as what I’ve just shared, but it happening none the less.

One of the things I always teach, is to position your products in a way that gives people what they “already want”.

And when you do, they WILL want to buy what you’re offering.


When they’re ready to buy, let em buy.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson

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Donald’s Apprentice Quitter

Friday, January 26th, 2007

I don’t know if you’ve been following this season’s Apprentice, with Donald Trump or not, but as an aspiring entrepreneur, you should be.

Last week, something quite interesting happened on the show, and it goes right to the heart of why most home business owners fail.

Michelle quit!

Yep, you heard me right.

And that’s unbelievable.

Here’s why:

After jumping through all of the necessary hoops, and doing it better than the thousands and thousands of other candidates who were trying to get on the show, Michelle beat them all!

She was one of the fortunate few who actually made the final cut.

And what does she do?

She gives up!

She quits!

And to make matters worse, she did it on live television, where millions of people watched in amazement. How that going to look on her resume?

She had what many would consider the opportunity of a lifetime, and she quit.

Now, you might think that I’m being a little harsh on Michelle, but that’s not really the case (well… maybe just a little).

But let’s consider this:

When it comes to business, especially home business, most folks give up when faced with the slightest bit of adversity.

But those that endure, and actually pursue their goals and dreams, they’re the ones who succeed.

I think back to when I started my first business (the cleaning and restoration company), back in 1996.

Most folks would consider my first year in business a miserable experience.

I worked my tail off, 14-16 hours a day, and 6-7 days a week. And when I’d get to the end of the month, I hadn’t made a penny for myself.

I did nothing but lose cashola, and I mean serious cashola!


I refused to give up!

I refused to quit.

I finally got smart, and got help from someone who’d “already been there and done that”.

And an amazing thing happened.

Now that I had the guidance of a mentor, who handed me their tested and proven strategies on a silver platter, I started makin’ the big bucks.

In fact, with his help, I transformed that business into one of the most successful by-referral-only cleaning and restoration companies here in the Seattle area.

So here’s the two big lessons:

1. Don’t give up. You can never lose if you refuse to quit. Sure, you might have a few struggles along the way, but you WILL get through them.

2. Get a mentor. I’m continually amazed at how many folks want to be like the Lone Ranger, and do everything on their own.

Most business owners insist on following this path, and that’s why most businesses fail miserably within the first 1-5 years.

But, the business owners who have a mentor, their results are nothing short of amazing.

If you’re ready to cut through all the home business hype and B.S., and start making cashola now, I’ll show you how to do it, and do it FAST!

On Monday – January 29th at 8pm Eastern time, I’m hosting a no charge seminar-by-phone where I’ll be revealing the Unadulterated Truth About Home Business.

And yes…

When it’s over, you’ll be armed with the strategies and tools needed, to launch your home business success.

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When you register, I’ve also got a very special $69.00 gift for you, and I’ll tell you how to claim it on tomorrow night’s call.

I look forward to speaking with you then.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson

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Colts vs. Patriots vs. Home Business

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

After returning home from Tampa last Sunday, I spent the afternoon watching football with my son Adam.

I have to say, it was really exciting to watch as the Colts roared back from certain defeat, to beat the Patriots.


What does this have to do with you?


When it comes to home business, all that matters is that you finish the game. It doesn’t matter how fast you start.

Sure, it’s always nice to get a fast start, but many folks get excited about a new opportunity and go at it full steam ahead, only to give up at the first sign of opposition.

My friend and mentor, Matt Furey says, “You can’t lose if you refuse to quit”.

And let me tell you, he’s absolutely right.

I think back to when I used to own the cleaning and restoration business, and after struggling for more than a year to turn a profit, I felt like giving up.

But I didn’t.

I found someone who could help me.

Someone who had specific knowledge that I didn’t have.

And with his help, I was able to transform that business into one of the most successful “by-referral-only” companies here in Washington State.

And that my friend, was the launching pad for the countless successes I’ve had since then.

That experience taught me a valuable lesson, which is this:

You need to get in the game to win.

Most people think about getting in the game, but they never do.


When you get in the game, and you’re determined to win, that’s exactly what will happen.

You may not be the fastest, and truth is, it doesn’t matter.

All that matters is that you don’t quit.

Remember, you can’t lose if you refuse to quit.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson

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I’m Looking For 27 Apprentices

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

For quite some time now, many of you have been asking for my one-on-one help, so you could start making major cashola with your own home business (or to start your own munee-making home business).

In the past, I was only able to offer this type of mentoring to clients who own the Automatic Income System.

Now, that’s about to change!

I’ve finally come up with a way to give you the one-on-one type of mentoring you’ve been asking for, and am excited to tell you about it.

Until now, this level of mentoring has only been available to a select few clients who pay a considerable fee to be a member of this group.

For the first time ever, you now have the opportunity to join myself and the rest of my successful clients, by becoming a member of the Automatic Income Inner Circle, for just pennies a day.


There is a catch.

In order to make sure that my time isn’t stretched too thin, and my current clients continue to receive the same high level of service that they’ve become accustomed to, I’m only going to accept 27 membership requests.

I’ll begin accepting new members on Wednesday, January 24th at 11:30am EST.

With that said, the 27 available spots will get taken very quickly, so I recommend that you consider the opportunity between now and next Wednesday and decide if it’s right for you.

In order to help you, I’ve created a special information page:

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Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson

Who’s Robert Anyways?

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

My good friend Robert gave me a call last night to wish my family a Happy New Year.

Before we finished our conversation, he was telling me how he hates going back to work after the holidays.

And here’s the real kicker…

Robert has the kind of job most folks would die for.

He works for the BIG local phone company.

If I were to tell you the company’s name, you’d immediately recognize it.

This company pays Robert very well, they give him a great benefits package and they give him as much overtime as he’s willing to work.

In short, Robert has what many would consider “the dream job”.

It provides a good lifestyle and allows he and his wife to live in a VERY nice home in a high-end neighborhood.

From an outsiders viewpoint, Robert would be considered a success (as evidenced by the lifestyle he lives).

So then…

Why is he so unhappy?

I’ll tell you why.

Though Robert and his family would be considered by many to be living the American Dream, he’s now hit the ceiling of his earning capability.

The only way he can make more cashola, is to work more hours, and that’s the last thing he wants to do.

He’s completely frustrated because he wants more out of life, and has now come to the realization that he’s tapped out.

During our conversation Robert made this comment, “Kevin, I’ve watched your business grow, and every month your income increases, yet you’re working less now than you ever have. How can I get more information about what you’re doing”?

I gave Robert the same advice that I’m now giving you.

“If you’re sick and tired of the 9-5, working for an ungrateful boss, want to get out of the rat race, stop trading time for dollars and increase your cashola flow (without increasing your workola), then you need to join us on next Tuesday’s teleseminar”.

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And when you do, keep this in mind:

Robert is a very good friend of mine.

We’ve known each other for years.

He had the smarts to get registered as soon as I hung up the phone with him and he’ll be joining us on the call.

So you’ve gotta ask yourself one question.

If Robert already knows that Kevin’s got a good thing going (because he’s a personal friend), and he wants to be a part of this event, wouldn’t I be crazy to miss it myself?

If your answer to that question is “yes”, and I’m betting that it is, high tail it on over and get registered right now by going to

I look forward to speaking with you and showing you how to make 2007 your best year ever.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson