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Your Recession Solution

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Yesterday I had to run into town and drop off a bunch of packages at the post office.

When I was finished, I decided to stop by and visit my good friend Mike at his mortgage firm.

When I arrived, I could tell that he wasn’t his usual self.

He immediately began telling me how his business was suffering in the wake of the mortgage crisis, and how he was REALLY concerned about the welfare of his family.

“If things don’t turn around soon, I’m gonna be in big trouble”, he said.

He then went on to ask, “How has business been for you Kev”?

To which I replied, “never been better”.

Needless to say, he wanted to know more.

He wanted to know how biz could be going so well for me, when he was having such a rough go of things.

He wanted to know what I was doing – that was so different.

We spent the next hour or so, and I gave him a “recession solution” that was sure to get his business back on track.

And let me tell you, by the time I left his office, he was FIRED-UP.

If there’s one thing I’ve discovered in my 12+ years of being a business owner – it’s this:

Successful entrepreneurs know how to make munee (and provide for their families) in ANY market condition.

In fact, while most folks cringe when they hear the word “recession”, entrepreneurs in the know, don’t even breaking a sweat.


Because we know that our business is about to see some SERIOUS growth.

You see, there’s 3 things that every successful entrepreneur understands.

Those 3 things are:

1. You must have a business that’s built around your passions

Most folks get into business for ALL the wrong reasons.

Most business owners are simply out to make a buck.

Within 6 months to a year, they take a look around, and begin asking themselves, “What in the heck went wrong”?

The successful entrepreneur understands that our business is an extension of our life.

We’re passionate about what we do for a living, and this excitement comes through loud and clear – to every potential customer that comes our way.

As a result, these customers are attracted to us, almost as if we were holding a HUGE magnet.

2. You must provide value

Most business owners don’t give a rip about providing their customers with any value.

They’re too worried about their own agenda, and how they can make more cashola.

As a result, their customers never stick around for long, and go looking elsewhere.

We’ve all experienced bad service from a business. In fact, it’s almost become the norm.

And when we experience good (or God forbid – GREAT service), it completely takes us by surprise.

The successful entrepreneur is constantly asking themselves, “How can I give my customers even more value”?

And the good news is, it ain’t hard to do, especially when 99% of your competition is providing NO value at all.

They’re essentially driving their customers out their door, and right into your open arms.

And when you treat them better than your competitor, you’ll have a customer for LIFE.

3. You must have LARGE profit margins

Most business owners try to survive on tiny profit margins of 10%-30%. Here’s the BIG problem with this: Once you figure in all your costs of doing business, such as office rental, employees, insurance, inventory, advertising, equipment, bookkeeping, legal fees and taxes – there’s barely any money left for YOU.

And God forbid if your business hits a slow period.

That’s when you’re REALLY up a creek.

What if I told you there was a simple way to increase your profit margins to 1,000% – 3,000%… and more?

I first discovered this secret a few years ago, and since that time I’ve shared it with thousands of entrepreneurs.

It’s called “Information Marketing”.

And the good news is… ANY business can benefit from “Information Marketing”.

It doesn’t matter what your business is, what products you currently sell, whether you’ve been in business for years, or whether you’re just getting started.

EVERY business on the face of this planet will see HUGE profit increases when they add an “Information Marketing” component to their mix.

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Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson

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Instead Of Resolutions, Do This…

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

The other day I told you why resolutions don’t work.

Today, being the 2nd day of the New Year, I’m going to show you what to do instead.

I learned this technique from one of my mentors, Matthew Furey, and since discovering it, I’ve written off New Years resolutions… FOREVER.

By doing so, I’ve been able to create more income, more friendships, better relationships, more confidence and more success.

Instead of making resolutions, here’s what I now do on January 1st each year.

It’s a simple 2-Step process, and when you use it, 2008 will be your BEST year EVER.

The first thing I do is take a few minutes to look back on the previous year and be grateful for the things I accomplished, the things I learned, the mistakes I made (which allowed me to learn) and everything good that happened in my life.

While doing so, I’m simultaneously making a list of these things and writing them on paper.

When I’m finished, I have a physical list of my 2007 accomplishments.

This is VERY important.

You’ve got to take time to look back on your previous accomplishments (both big and small) in order to achieve even greater things in the future.

By looking back at what you’ve already accomplished, it lets you know that you can do, be and have more of the same.

Once I’ve got my list and am in a state of gratitude for all that has happened in 2007, I’m now ready to look forward to 2008.


Instead of making resolutions, I’m going to set GOALS.

Here’s how Matthew taught me to do it:

I start with the end in mind.

For example – there’s a specific financial goal that I want to reach in 2008.

I write this goal on paper.

Once I’ve done so, I then ask myself, “How can I go about creating this income”?

And let me tell you, this is extremely powerful.

The act of asking myself this question immediately puts my subconscious mind to work so it will come up with the answers I need.

By setting a goal with the end in mind, and then working backwards, you’re able to come up with a step-by-step game plan for accomplishing that goal.

Once you’ve got your game plan, all you’ve got to do is put it into action.

2008 is going to be an incredible year and I look forward to helping you make it your best year ever.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson