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Stock Market Shenanigans

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

A good friend of mine called me yesterday afternoon to tell me about the Dow’s 778 point drop.

It was the worst single-day point loss in history.

And now, democrats are blaming republicans, while republicans are blaming democrats.

No one wants to take any personal responsibility for what’s going on.


The good news for you and I, is the fact that we can take matters into our own hands.

Let me ask you something.

Do you think that Bill Gates or Donald Trump is the least bit concerned about yesterday’s news?

Of course not.

Yesterday’s news is simply that – it’s news, and nothing more.

Of course, they make adjustments in what they do, based on what’s going on in the economy, but they sure as heck don’t go crawling under some rock.

This is the same thing that ALL smart entrepreneurs do.

I learned long ago that my financial situation has absolutely NOTHING to do with what the media is telling us.

The livelihood of my family rests solely in MY hands – and no one else’s.

And I’ve got to be honest here, until my friend called with the news, I didn’t even know about the market drop.

Sure, I’d heard about the bailout and all that, but I hadn’t yet heard about the plan being rejected.

And truth is, whether the plan was rejected or accepted, it wasn’t going to change the fact that September 08 is going to be the best month of my business career.

That’s right.

The best month EVER.


How can I be having the best month ever, when the media is crying doom and gloom, and telling us that we’re in a recession?


I understand the same thing that Bill and “The Donald” do – which is that our economy is currently in a state of change, and that represents a HUGE opportunity for those of us who know how to capitalize on it.

I’ll be talking more about this in the days to come, so be sure to keep a close eye out for my upcoming emails.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson

5:57AM Wake Up

Monday, September 29th, 2008

This morning I was woken out of bed at 5:57am by our 5-month old son Brock, who decided that it was time to start his day.

Just like every morning, he woke with a HUGE smile on his face.

And let me tell you, every time I see that smile of his, it gets my day off to a great start.

Now don’t get me wrong, even before Brock was born, I was excited to get out of bed every morning, but now days, I’m doubly-excited.

Most mornings, before heading into my home office, I spend plenty of quality time with Brock.

I can’t tell you how blessed I am for the opportunity to be a stay at home dad, and have Lisa be a stay at home mom.

But even more than that, I feel blessed for the opportunity to share my life experiences with you, so you too can have the same kind of lifestyle for yourself.

Because the fact is, I’m the most least-likely guy to even be talking to you about the subject of making munee online with a business of your own.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was over 55 Grand in debt, had a business that consumed my life, and was working my tail off in order to provide a decent living for my family.

Yet now – I make plenty of cashola, I work about 4 hours a day, and I have a business that pays me for doing what I LOVE.

And along the way, I discovered that it ain’t that difficult.

All you have to do is find a mentor.

A mentor who’s already done what you want to accomplish.

When you think about it, every thing we know how to do was taught to us by someone else.

From the time we were babies, this has been the case.

For example:

Our parents taught us how to tie our shoelaces, brush our teeth and ride a bike.

Our teachers taught us countless things during our school years.

Our employers taught us how to do the job they needed us to do.

After coming to this realization several years ago, it dawned on me that the secret to becoming a successful business owner was to find someone who could teach me what I needed to know.

That’s when I began searching for a mentor. A mentor who was already VERY successful in business, and was willing to teach ME how to become successful.

And let me tell you, there’s a HUGE lesson here.

If you want to know how to do anything, all you have to find someone who already knows how to do the thing that you want to accomplish.

And once you’ve found that mentor, do whatever they tell you to do.

Because the fact is, they have your best interest at heart.

It makes them feel good, knowing that they had a hand in your success.

On November 14th and 15th, I get to have a life-changing impact on 10 of you, and I can’t tell you how excited I am for this opportunity.

10 of you get to spend two full days with me, in my home office, watching me “live and in action”.

And let me tell you, once you see what I do, and how I do it, you’re gonna quickly realize that you can easily duplicate what I do.

To claim one of the remaining seats for the “Ultimate Home Office Field Trip”, go here now

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson

Latest News on Ultimate Field Trip

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

As I write this, I’m meeting with the hotel to finalize arrangements for The Ultimate Home Office Field Trip, which will be held in my home office on November 14th and 15th.

Those of you who are already registered will be receiving hotel information VERY soon.

The investment for attending is now on the rise.


When you’re one of the 10 people who qualify to spend 2 days with me (right smack in the middle of the live action of my home office, witnessing everything I do, and how I do it) there’s absolutely NO reason why you shouldn’t immediately be able to return home, and start making an extra $10,000.00, $15,000.00, $30,000.00 or MORE for yourself each month using the secrets I’ll be revealing, and doing exactly what you watch me do.

Make sure you jump on this now by going to

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson

“The Connection”

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Last Thursday morning at 8:30, I was sitting in Matt Furey’s 4-Hour Workday Seminar in Tampa, when he told the story of how he got hit over the head with a beer pitcher when he was 19 years old.

As he recounted all the horrific details, it immediately reminded me of the first time I heard him tell this story, back in 2004.

It had one heck of an impact on me back then, and it had even MORE of an impact now.

I couldn’t help but think about all the good things that have happened in my life since then.

And now, like Matt, I too have come to understand the importance of opening up.

The importance of being candid.

The importance of sharing from your heart.

This is how you truly connect with others on an emotional level.

Later that day, I had the opportunity to share my story with the audience, and then offer my products and services.

In the hour prior to my presentation, I spent some time in private, thinking about how I could have the greatest impact on everyone in the room.

My goal…

To leave everyone in a better place, simply because we had the opportunity to meet.

Whether they chose to invest in my products or not, I wanted them to go away with their eyes open to a whole new world of possibilities.

I wanted them to go away – a different person than when they arrived.

And let me tell you, I achieved this goal, and I did it in spades.

This is precisely what YOU want to do in YOUR business as well.

You want to connect with people on an emotional level.

It’s this emotional connection that allows people to bond with you, get to know you, and makes them want to be a part of what you’ve got going on.

You see…

People buy from people they feel an emotional connection with.

And just in case you’re wondering – yes, plenty of people in the room decided to invest in my products, but they did so because they felt a connection.

They did NOT invest in my products because they felt high pressured to do so.

Like I mentioned earlier, I didn’t prepare for my presentation by asking myself, “How can I sell as many of my products as possible”?

I prepared for my presentation by asking myself, “How can I have the biggest impact, and the deepest emotional connection with everyone in the room”?

By asking myself the right questions, the munee was simply attracted to me, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

This is precisely what you want to do in your business as well.

By truly caring about those who come to you, munee will be attracted to you almost as if by magic.

Your intentions will come through loud and clear, and you won’t be able to stop the flow of munee – even if you wanted to.

When you come to my home for “The Ultimate Home Office Field Trip” on November 14-15, I’ll be going into much more detail on this subject.

I’ll be showing YOU how to make an emotional connection with people that is SOOO strong, they’ll be clamoring to be a part of what you have to offer.

I’ll show you how to have a business that pays you for doing what you LOVE.

I’ll show you how to make your business a natural extension of the person you are (or the person you want to be), so you NEVER have to work another day in your life.

And that’s just the beginning.

By the time you leave my office, you’re going to be an entirely different person than when you arrived.

You’re going to have the tools, resources and understanding to create the business and the lifestyle that you’ve always wanted.

Go here now to claim one of the 2 remaining seats

As I said last week, I’ll be raising the investment tomorrow, so don’t delay.

I look forward to welcoming you into my home when you go here now

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson

P.S. I just got this unsolicited email from David Boush. He was at the seminar in Tampa last week and has some VERY interesting comments.


I just wanted to thank you for your presentation at the “4 day work day” seminar this past week. I signed up with you and am anxious to get started.

I just wanted you to know that you were a true inspiration to me and Patricia Hopkins (who signed up as well).

Your story is truly amazing.

When you were telling your story and shared with us all the good things you’re able to do with the success, you inspired me to want to share that success with family and others in need.

Thanks so much for everything Kevin.

David Boush
Roanoke, Virginia

I look forward to meeting you in person, and having the same impact on YOU

He Cheated Death

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Last week I got an email from Brett Brodie, and in it he shared the amazing experience of how he cheated death 3 weeks ago.

If Brett’s name rings a bell with you, it’s because he’s a fellow client.

In fact, he was one of the very first people to pick up a copy of the Automatic Income System, back in 2004.

Since that time, he’s accomplished many incredible things in his business, and his personal life.

Over the last several years, Brett and I have become close friends, and I talk with him on a regular basis.

That’s why it was so odd that I hadn’t heard from him recently.

After getting his email last week (which I’m sharing with you below) it all made perfect sense.

Needless to say, I’m extremely happy that Brett is still with us, because the truth of the matter his – he shouldn’t be.

As you read his email, you’re going to be moved, just as Lisa and I were.

More importantly, you’re going to have an entirely NEW outlook on life.

When Brett finishes telling you his story, I’ll be back with a closing comment.

= = =

It’s been an amazing 3 or so weeks in the Brodie household.As you may know I got injured in an explosion/fire and have been almost totally incapacitated for the entire time.I was helping light a huge bonfire, in fact 40ft long, 15ft wide and 10ft high.

Naturally, we had to use some fuel, namely gasoline and diesel to ignite it.

Little did we realize that being down in a gully with no wind, the gas fumes would create a fume boundary.

After letting the fuel sit for around 10 minutes, I proceeded to head towards the pile to light some dry leaves to then throw them onto the trail of gas we leaked out around 10ft from the pile of wood. I didn’t get near the trail….One quick flick test of my lighter, and – KABOOM.

I’m in the middle of a fireball that has consumed the entire area with a radius of 35 feet from the firewood.

Witnesses say the fireball shot 40-50ft in the air. How did I get out alive?It happened so quickly and left me no time to think.

People said I set a land speed record and came out of the fireball on fire.

Here’s what really happened… God picked me up and pulled me out of the fire.

According to the surgeon at the burn unit, there was not enough oxygen for me to have taken a breath, and make a decision to run. No possible way.

Plus I had a 30 foot run to get free of the flames, which by the way had me completely surrounded.

I do remember the sound of the flash.

I remember the smell of the fire.

Then I remember slowing down to a jog and being ‘put out’.

My ears were ringing, but I remember people running towards me asking and yelling if I was alright. I was in shock, but I was still.

My hair was on fire still, people brushing my hair and clothing and the burn to my skin was so intense, the doctor was amazed I could even walk.I received 2nd and 3rd degree burns to my face, mouth, lower right leg, 100% of my left leg and 80% of my left arm.

I had a beard and mustache at the time and it melted onto my face from the heat. My socks were melted to my ankles and the clothes I wore were shot.I am so grateful to be alive.

After many trips to the emergency room then burn unit treatment, I’m almost recovered, in record time.

I will tell you this; a visit to the burn unit anywhere on earth will make you quickly recognize how lucky you are.

The screaming and howling by patients is unbelievably horrific to say the least. I am now walking again.

After a few weeks I was able to take a bath, thank goodness and am left with one bandage on my left leg from the knee to my ankle.

I hope within 2 more weeks to be bandage free and slightly back to normal.I must admit, the pain intensity endured through serious burns to the skin is unlike no other.

There is basically no relief and pain medication stands in to put you to sleep for a few hours, but has no effect on the pain itself.

There are no antibiotics allowed, so keeping the wounds clean to avoid infection is most important.

The twice weekly ‘scrapings’ are unbearable, just imagine a wire brush on an open wound……ouch. Not to mention what happens when the area gets infected….Anyway, I have a renewed look upon life.

I know God has bigger plans and my purpose hasn’t been discovered yet.I have learned a few things the past few weeks and I will finish by sharing those with you:

* You can truly feel prayer

* Every day of life is precious

* You learn to appreciate riches in life when you nearly lose those on the top of your priority list

* There is nothing on TV during the day, except when the olympics are on

* Animals know when you’re hurting

* People do care…even those you thought didn’t

* It”s the little stuff that matters

* You are special

* Munee holds no value vs survival

* Fires spark new life, as in forests, same in humans

* There’s always someone else worse off than you

* What matters most to you probably doesn’t

* Silence is a cure for pain

* Eyebrows and eyelashes grow faster than facial hair

* Burns hurt worse than gunshots

* I don’t like bonfires

* Roses do smell nice

* Health trumps financial riches

* Forgive everyone

* Writing your thoughts is incredible therapy

* The phrase “I’m on fire” really means something

* There are lots of nicknames for burn victims. My favorites are bubblewrap, kingsford, charcoal, and sparky.

* It’s time to slow down and focus on exactly what direction I need to go

* Be grateful for loyal employees

* You’ve got to have a plan in case….for the what if’s….

* The weather channel actually has enough content for a 24hour period

* I have a great group of friends

* Nothing is Impossible with God

Hopefully you can learn a few things from my story because I wouldn’t wish this upon my worst enemies (even if I had any).

I’m back. Bigger and better than ever.

Life’s what you make it. (thanks Hannah)

I wish every one of you and your families the very best and I hope to talk with you soon.

Brett Brodie

= = =

Talk about a life-changing experience, and not only for Brett.

For YOU as well.

After reading Brett’s email, I wanted to do something REALLY special for you.

I called his cell phone this morning and invited him to join us for “The Ultimate Home Office Field Trip” on November 14-15th

Because Brett and I agree on so many things, the most important being that the purpose of our business is to provide our “dream lifestyle” – I wanted you to be able to hear from him as well.

I don’t know yet whether Brett will be able to join us live, but if not, I’m going to have him host a private phone seminar – just for Field Trip Registrants.

Those of you who are already registered for this event are going to be in for one heck of an experience when I introduce you to Brett.


If you’re not yet registered, you’ll want to do so now by going here

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After hearing Brett’s story, I’m sure you agree that spending some time with a guy like Brett will have a life-changing impact on your life.

This is one heck of an added bonus for Field Trip attendees, so don’t miss out.

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Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson

Why Do What You Hate

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Most people trudge through life, spending far too much time doing things they hate.

Granted, some of this is unavoidable.

For example, I’m not a big fan of flying (especially long distances), but I do so anyways.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t get too excited about writing Uncle Sam that tax check each year.


In EVERY situation, YOU are in control of how you respond.

When faced with something you hate, you have 2 options.

You can change your outlook (how you view the situation).

Or – you can quit doing the thing you hate.

Like I mentioned, I don’t especially enjoy sitting on a plane for hours at a time.

But, when I travel, it’s always for business, or for plesure.

So, when flying, I spend my time thinking about the purpose of my trip, and WHY I’m flying in the first place.

If traveling for business, I think about all the good things that will happen as a result of the trip I’m on.

If traveling for vacation, I think about all the fun my family and I will have when we arrive at our destination.

And when writing the check for my taxes, I’m thankful that I’m able to provide for my family so well, and that the check I’m writing is only a small fraction of the munee that was attracted into my life.

These are examples of changing your outlook.

As I mentioned, your other option is to quit doing the things you hate.

When I began my current business, I was a one-man show, doing it all.

I did all the marketing, made all the sales, filled all the orders, handled all the customer service and I even did all the book work.

And truth be told, I enjoyed all of it – well – most of it.

I enjoyed filling all the orders and taking them to the post office.

I enjoyed doing all the book work.

But – as time went on, and my business continued to grow, I discovered that what I REALLY enjoyed was the marketing.

As a result, I got very good at doing it for myself, and I also got VERY good at showing others how to do it, so they too could increase the moolah in their bank account.

The time came when I wanted to concentrate all of my efforts on marketing, both for me, and for members like yourself.

That’s when I began to hate filling orders, taking orders to the post office and doing all the book work.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with these things.

But, in order to grow my business, and still have fun with it, I had to quit doing these things myself.


I found other people to do them for me.

In so doing, I was able to focus my efforts on doing solely the things I LOVE doing.

It’s amazing to me that the majority of folks will drag themselves out the door every morning so they can participate in the 9-5 grind – even though they hate it.

Even though, the very thought of doing this makes them sick to their stomach.

I too used to do this, until I got sooooo fed up with my life, that I decided to break out and make a change.

I know, I know…

You might be saying to yourself, “Sure Kev, you did that, but I have a family to support”.

And yes, I understand that.

But who in the heck says that you have to spend most of your time doing something you hate – just so you can support your family.

That’s a bunch of hogwash.

I too have a family to support, but I do the things I LOVE in order to make that happen.

If you’re ready to do the same thing, to start doing what you LOVE, to start enjoying life again, to break out of the grind – then join us for “The Ultimate Home Office Field Trip on November 14-15, 2008

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson

P.S. There’s 2 seats left for the Field Trip, and once they’re gone I’ll have to close out registration