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We Just Wanna Be “Snack Guy”

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Our son Brock is in preschool now, and as a father, it’s exciting to see how much he loves learning new things.

With only 9 other kids in his class, he gets lots of one-on-one help from his two teachers, which really accelerates the whole process.

I learned early on, that one of the things Brock REALLY enjoys about preschool is when he gets to be “snack guy”.

As you can see in the photo above, he was pretty excited about taking doughnuts, popcorn and apple juice to share with the other kids in his class.

One day after preschool, I was asking Brock how the day went, and what he did at school.

He got quite frustrated as he told me, “I’m NEVER gonna get to be snack guy”.

He and mom then explained what that meant…

When you’re “snack guy” (or girl), you get to bring treats for all the other kids in the class

Preschool is held twice a week, and with 10 kids in the class, each one of them gets to be “snack guy” (or girl) every 5 weeks.

Needless to say, Brock was seeing the other kids getting to bring snacks to share with everyone, and was beginning to wonder if it would ever be his turn to bring snacks for everyone.

Mom and I assured him that he would in fact get an opportunity to be “snack guy”.

We even went as far as marking the date on the calendar, so he could see when it would be his turn.

We now have regular conversations about this, so he can always be kept up to date on when it’s his turn to be “snack guy” again.

I was recently sharing this story with a handful of my clients, when someone commented, “That’s exactly how I feel to… I just want to be snack guy”.

And they were right.

We ALL just want to be “snack guy” or “snack girl”, because when we are, everyone else appreciates us.

Funny thing is… most business owners just don’t get this.

And it’s one of the biggest causes of business failure.

The owner is so busy focusing on their own agenda that they never pay any attention to what their customers or clients want from them.

If they’d simply communicate with their customers and clients, and respond to THEIR wants and desires… they’d be amazed at how fast their business grows.

And the truth is, it’s SOOOO easy to do.

I do it all the time in my own business, and I show my clients how to do the same.

I’ve been using a tested and proven formula for years now, and it works like a charm… EVERY time.

And let me tell you, my son Brock and I have a lot in common… because I love being “snack guy” just as much as he does.

It really makes you feel good, knowing that you’re giving so much, and in return, you get to receive so much.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

Frustrated By Debt?

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

I was talking with a client yesterday afternoon and as we discussed his business situation he began telling me about the large amount of debt he’d accumulated.

As the conversation continued, it really hit home because I was in the very same situation… not that long ago.

It also reminded me of how tough things can be when you’re burdened with that kind of debt.

I actually used to loose sleep at night, because I was more than $65,000.00 in debt, and sinking further each month.

I don’t know where you’re at in your life right now, and what your specific situation is, but maybe you can relate.

It’s a really cruddy feeling when you’re in debt like that.

Fortunately, that’s not the end of the story, and the conversation I had yesterday made me think you might find this helpful too.

Because I went from $65,000.00 in debt, to being debt-free with $20,000.00 in the bank… in less than 25 months.

I’ve shared the whole “how I did it” story in some of my private mastermind and coaching groups, but I’ve never really talked about it in public.

Yesterday’s phone conversation brought back some memories of how hard things can be, but also made me thankful because I know how great it feels to be completely debt-free.

And now I’m thinking that I should maybe host a special event, so I can show YOU how I did it too.

But before I do, I need to hear from you.

As always, I need to know that this is something you’d find valuable.

So let me ask you:

If you’ve got debt…

How is it affecting you? How is it affecting your family? How is it affecting your business?

How would it feel to be rid of it?

Would it be valuable if I showed you how to make that happen?

Let me know by posting your comments below.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

You Lucky SOB

Friday, January 20th, 2012

After yesterday’s blog post, I got this somewhat scathing email from Jack.

I’m not sure what happened exactly, but I seemed to rub him the wrong way.

Who knows, maybe he was just having a bad day, and I was the guy who happened to be there when he needed to vent a little.

Here’s the email he sent:

Since I was once again sweating as I put up the outdoor Christmas lights (in Florida), my only response can be: Mister, you don’t know how lucky you are. And since you have the time to clear the snow and have fun with your family as you do so, make that double! And since you’ve got beautiful countryside around you instead of black snow piles on the curbs; make that triple! You lucky S.O.B., what are you complaining about? Try on some gratitude for size.


P.S. – You don’t need an excuse – what you just experienced is part of why you are an entrepreneur in the first place. Just appreciate.

= = =

I share his comments to make a point.

No matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to please everyone.

You’re far better off taking a stand, believing in something with all your heart and soul.

Sure, by doing so, you’re going to offend those who don’t agree with you.


You’re also going to attract those who feel a connection with you.

So let me ask you…

Is your belief in what you’re doing, and what you stand for so strong – that you can handle the toughest criticism?

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

Flexibility Required

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

In life, things don’t always go as planned.

This week has been a perfect example of that, and these photos clearly show you the wrath and mayhem that fell upon us.

I had plans to work on a big project this week, but mother nature had another idea.

Here in the Northwest, we’ve been hit with a massive winter storm, unlike anything we’ve ever experienced in my lifetime.

We got 17 inches of snow at our home in a 24-hour period on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Because our home sits on a hilltop, and we have an extremely steep (loooong) driveway, I’ve been spending the majority of my time this week, along with my son Jerry – keeping it cleared.

Call me crazy, but I hate the thought of being stuck or stranded.

I need to know that I could get out of here if I had to.

With the amount of snow we got, and short amount of time we got it – it’s been a full-time job trying to keep our driveway clear.

So… I haven’t made much progress on my best laid plans. But I did get to play in the snow with my kids, and they loved it.

As entrepreneurs… we know the same is true of business.

At first, when we’re new to business, we tend to get frustrated, upset and discouraged when things don’t work out the way we’d hoped or planned.

But after awhile, as we continue moving forward, we discover that’s just the way things go.

That’s the life of an entrepreneur.

And the truth is… if we’re a real entrepreneur, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

We know that most of the things we try are NOT going to work out the way we’d like.


We also know that every once in awhile, we’re going to land on something that works out FAR better than we’d hoped.

When that happens – in that moment, we experience a huge breakthrough.

And the smart entrepreneur will leverage that breakthrough so we can capitalize on it for years and years to come.

So know this…

If things aren’t going the way you’d hoped right now, at this moment in time – keep moving forward because your big breakthrough is just around the corner.

Because it’s served me so well, I’ll give you the same advice that someone gave me all the way back in 1999.

The trick is to keep moving forward, and keep showing up.

Most people give up at the first, second or third signs that things aren’t going the way they’d hoped.

If I’d given up in those moments, I’d hate to think where I’d be today.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

A Slave To Technology

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Last Friday we traveled half way across the state to visit family for the weekend.

On Sunday afternoon, our entire clan went out for dinner, and as we sat at the table waiting for our food to arrive, I HAD to snap this photo to share with you.

My 3-year old son Brock (on the right), and his two cousins on the left, were all glued to their parents smart phones as Elliana (on the far right) looked on.

Sure, as parents, this is a great strategy for keeping small kids entertained at times.

But even though I use it, I still wonder (as a parent) if it’s the right thing to do.

As I watched the kids last Sunday, I couldn’t help but think…

How many of us are a slave to technology, and how many of us are using it to leverage ourselves so that we can actually make more money, expand our business, automate day-to-day tasks… and ultimately enhance our lives?

In my own business, I’m doing a pretty good job of using technology, but even as good as I’ve gotten at doing what I do, there’s still plenty of room for me to improve what I’m doing.

The trick… especially when we spend a fair amount of our time online… is avoiding the “shiny object syndrome” and making use of ONLY the technology that’s a perfect match and fit for our specific goals.

And make no mistake about it:

What’s right for me, may not be right for you.

And what’s right for you, may not be right for me.

There is NOT a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to using technology.

In my own business, I’m very deliberate in the technology I use, as well as the technology I choose not use.

So far, I’ve done a pretty good job of using it to grow my business, leverage my efforts, and enhance my personal life.

But as I continue to move forward, and grow the business even more, I’ll be required to make even more use of technology.

The trick for me, as I alluded to earlier, is to avoid the “shiny object syndrome”.

Over the years I’ve developed a very concise and deliberate method for choosing the technology that’s going to be a right fit for me, for my business, and for the goals I want to reach.

So let me ask you:

Do you feel like you’re a slave to technology… overwhelmed by technology… or do you feel like you’ve got a pretty good grasp on it?

I’m really interested in hearing your thoughts on this, so post them below.

Who knows, if there’s enough interest, maybe I’ll host a bonus event where I walk you through my own “Technology Choosing Process” and show you some of the really cool ways I’m using it in my own business and life.

Be sure to let me know if you’re interested in that as well.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

Video Marketing Secrets

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Watch the video above – then…

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I can’t wait to introduce you to Cory and Ira, because they’re going to ROCK YOUR WORLD!

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”