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Here’s Your Easy Button

Monday, March 26th, 2012

For the last couple posts we’ve been talking about the amazing things that happen when the marketing message for your business comes straight from the heart, and connects with your ideal prospect on a deep emotional level.

I also explained that things get REALLY easy as you continue moving in this direction.

Your prospect connects with you, they trust you, they relate to you, and ultimately they become a customer or client by investing in what you have to offer them.


I’ve also discovered another area where things start to get REALLY easy.

As you continue getting your message out there, you find people with considerable influence, who have the ability to help you in a HUGE way.

Because you are so congruent with your message, and what you stand for, not only does your ideal prospect recognize this… but so does everyone else.

In recent months I’ve had people with much bigger businesses than mine, who have resources much bigger than mine, that once they understood what I was trying to accomplish, agreed to help me.

I’ll share an example with you, so you can see what I’m talking about.

I was recently introduced to an extremely high paid consultant who’s got a 30-year reputation of helping business owners.

He charges thousands of dollars for a consulting session, and it’s worth every penny to the business owner who implements the marketing plan that gets created during this session.

During our initial conversation in person (after being introduced by a mutual friend), this gentleman asks what my current BIG business initiative is, and I explain it to him.

When we finished our conversation, he suggests that we exchange contact information – and we did.

The following week I get a big package of marketing information in the mail from him, along with a note that says, “After you’ve gone through this information, get back in touch and let me know what you think”.

Long story short, the information he sent was incredible, and it was just what I needed to help me at that moment in time.

Even though I’d only gone through part of it, I called the following week to thank him for sending it, and let him know how valuable it was to me. He says, “Great, keep going through it, and we’ll talk again soon.

A couple weeks later, I get an email from him, asking how things are going with my new marketing campaign.

I reply to his email and give him the metrics and numbers from my most recent test.

The next day, he replies back, telling me to send all my marketing pieces so he can take a closer look at what I’m doing.

He says that he’s got a busy schedule, and it will probably take a week for him to go through my materials and get back with me.

So… imagine my surprise when I get an email from him the following day, telling me that he’s gone through everything, and asking if I’ve got time to talk on the phone.

I gave him a call, and we spent almost 90 minutes on the phone, as he gave me suggestions for how I could improve the impact my marketing materials were having.

The whole time, I’m thinking to myself, “Why is he going out of his way to thelp me like this?

We’ve only known each other for about a month, yet he’s giving me all this assistance, and he’s doing it for free, when he normally charges thousands of dollars for this kind of service”.

I couldn’t contain myself any longer, and had to ask.

His response was quite instructive, and it also exposed me to the next shift.

He says, “Kevin, you were introduced to me by someone I greatly respect, and they’d already told me a lot of wonderful things about you. But after hearing about your goals, and the difference you want to make in the lives of so many entrepreneurs, I HAD to get involved.

If I can have some small hand in making sure you get to do what you’re wanting to do, then I’m going to feel really good about that”.

That was instructive, and humbling for me to hear, but here’s the most interesting thing about all this…

I keep running into more and more people, just like this, who are doing the same thing.

It just goes to show, that when your message comes from the heart, everything else gets really, REALLY easy.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

The Amazing Shift

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

The other day I told you about all the dramatic change in my marketing message.

It’s gone from “here’s how to have an automated income” to “here’s how to tweak your business so it gives you everything you’ve always wanted from life”.

If you saw all the replies on the blog, you may have noticed one in particular… that hit the nail right on the head.

Larry said,” I have learned and am learning so much from you Kevin, I just want to thank you. I think refining your marketing message is a natural progression that many business owners miss by not asking their clients “What is your greatest challenge?” to uncover additional things they could supply them, and monitoring who they are attracting as clients. We’ve been sharing with each other what has been working for us since 1998 when we met at a Joe Polish seminar. I appreciate your observations here”.

And he’s exactly right.

It’s a natural progression – and most business owners completely miss it because they get so locked into this mentality that says, “This is what I do for a living”.

When I became an advisor back in 2004, one of the things I knew well, was how to make $10-12K a month using the internet, by having a real business, that offered real products and services, to real people.

I’d already accomplished this with my website, and there were many people who wanted to know how I did it.

So that’s what I began teaching.

As time went on, and I intentionally structured my own business to provide me with the kind of lifestyle I wanted, my knowledge base grew.

Today, that knowledge is in great demand.

There are MANY entrepreneurs who want to know what I know.

They desperately want a business like mine.

A business that gives them the income they want.

A business that gives them the freedom they want.

A business that gives them great satisfaction from the work they do.

A business that gives them plenty of time to do the things in life they really want to do.

A business where their family ALWAYS comes first.

It’s a natural progression for me to move in this direction, and quite honestly, I’d be doing millions of people a disservice if I didn’t follow through with my intentions.

I possess valuable knowledge that can change the lives of the business owners I come into contact with.

It will also change the lives of their families, and their customers.

By sharing what I know, wives will get their husbands back, children will get their fathers back, families will be transformed, millions and millions of customers will have an incredibly unique and valuable experience… all because these entrepreneurs are now seeing their business (and their role) in a whole new light.

Who would I be if I sat on this knowledge and kept it to myself?

I possess something so valuable, that I need to do everything within my power, to get my message out there, and share it with as many entrepreneurs as I possibly can.

And here’s what’s MOST interesting about all this.

Because I feel so strongly about this, it’s as though there’s not an ounce of resistance, and everything I do further convinces me that I’m doing the right thing.

Through this process, I’ve discovered that things get REALLY easy when you have a message that you’re in complete alignment with.

It’s not like I didn’t have a good message before.

But now I’ve got an incredible message, and it truly resonates with the entrepreneur who’s looking at the business they’ve created, wondering what went wrong because it’s not giving them the kind of life they expected.

I can rock the world of that entrepreneur, because I can show them how to tweak their business, and ultimately get everything they’ve always wanted from life.

And quite honestly, I’m the only person who has the unique knowledge and experience to help them get to where they really want to go.

So let me ask you…

Do you believe that strongly in your message?

If so, I want to hear from you.

Post your comments below.

What’s your message? Who do you have compassion for? Who do you want to help?

Go ahead and share, because it’s the simple act of putting your message out there that allows you to get noticed.

In my next post, I’ll tell you about the incredible things that have been happening in my own life, simply because I put my own message out there.

You won’t want to miss this.

So let me hear YOUR message, and stay tuned.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

What’s Your Message?

Monday, March 12th, 2012

There certainly has been a lot of water under the bridge since I started doing what I do… back in 2004.

To think that I started with the simplest of concepts…

Showing others how I made ten thousand a month (or more) from my little website that helped people who had a mold problem in their home.

I documented what I did, how I was doing it, and how people like yourself could also set up a website that would automatically put income directly into YOUR bank account each month.

In the process of teaching others, and moving my own business forward, my number one goal was to have my business support the kind of life I wanted to live.

Here it is – 8 years later, and I’ve built the kind of business, and the kind of life that I set out to have.

And along the way, my marketing message has changed dramatically.

It’s gone from “here’s how to have an automated income” to “here’s how to tweak your business so it gives you everything you’ve always wanted from life”.

Whenever someone gets into business for themselves, they always have aspirations of being incredibly successful and making a great income.

That goes without saying.

It’s a given.

But the problem is… no one tells you up front, that just because you make a lot of money… it doesn’t mean you’re going to get all the other things in life you want.

Things like…

Getting great satisfaction from the work you do.

Knowing you’re a hero to the people your business serves.

Having plenty of time for the things in life you enjoy most.

Having balance between your business and personal lives.

Never having your family take second seat to your business.

Being in complete control of your time… ALL the time.

Needless to say, my current marketing message is MUCH different from the original marketing message I started with back in 2004.

And if you’re a business owner who’s frustrated with where your business is at the moment, it resonates with you in a deep and personal way.

That’s what happens when your marketing message comes from the heart.

You connect with your ideal prospect on a deep emotional level, and when you do, they know without a doubt, that what you have to offer is a perfect match and fit with what they want most.

As you can see, this is far different than a marketing message that screams “buy our stuff”… which is what most business owners are doing.

There’s another amazing shift that takes place when your market message comes from the heart, and I’ll tell you what that is next week.

So let me ask you, can you see a difference between my original marketing message, and the message that I now have?

Can you see how one is more powerful than the other?

Give me your comments by posting them below, and I’ll be back in a few days to tell you about the other amazing shift.

And when I do… I’m going to rock your world.

That you can count on.


I need to get your input on this.

If I’m going to be sharing the best business discoveries I’ve made over the years, I need to know you’re actively engaged, and wanting to hear this stuff from me.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”