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I’m Accepting 11 New Clients

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

I have openings coming up for 11 new clients.

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Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

P.S. I’ll be making the big announcement on Friday morning, so watch for my email that says “11 Clients Now Being Accepted”

Internet Business Reality Check

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Having an internet-based business brings up all kinds of images in people’s minds.

For years, the internet has been portrayed as being able to offer you the kind of business you can run from anywhere in the world.

These purveyors say you can run your business part time, from the beaches of the world, while sipping margaritas and enjoying the high life, while money gets deposited right into your bank account.

But here’s the reality…

And for our purposes, I’ll share this photo of my son Brock, which was taken at a beach bar in Jamaica last December, as he sat in front of a laptop computer, sipping his non-alcoholic strawberry margarita.

I don’t know about you, but while the thought of traveling the beaches of the world sounds appealing on the surface, the reality is that for me, it’s just not a right fit.

Allow me to explain.

Years ago, when I started my first business, I had all kinds of “fuzzy picture” ideas of what success meant to me.

Problem was, these ideas didn’t really come from my own mind.

They were more or less put there by ads I’d seen in magazines, commercials I’d seen on television, and websites I’d browsed on the internet.

At that time, my ideas of success included stuff like nice cars, nice homes, nice vacations, lots of cash, and plenty of time off.

Yet I wasn’t clear at all on specifically what this meant to me.

I didn’t know what kind of car I’d want to have, what kind of home I’d want to live in, where I’d want to vacation, or what I’d do with all that time off if I had it.

It wasn’t until 1999, when I got crystal clear on what I really wanted from my business and my life, that I was able to start making real progress.

I can still remember that Sunday morning like it was yesterday.

I’d became so frustrated with my existing business, that in a moment of sheer frustration, I took out a piece of paper and began to formulate some ideas about what I REALLY wanted from life.

When it came right down to it, my desires were pretty simple.

I wanted more quality time to spend with my family.

I wanted to work no more than 20-40 hours a week in my business.

I wanted weekends off.

I wanted to use my business to make a positive impact on the lives of the people I served.

I wanted to spend time with inspiring people.

I wanted to have fun with my business.

I wanted to live the life of a millionaire so I could provide well for my family.

Funny thing was, now that I’d gotten clear on what I really wanted, hardly any of my true core desires matched up with all the images that the media had been telling me I should want.

And maybe it’s the same for you.

Maybe you’re not really looking for overnight millions and push button gazillions.

Maybe your true core desires are a lot different than that.

Now don’t get me wrong…

I love taking nice vacations and having nice things.

Heck, last week I was telling you about the recent trip I took my wife on to Grand Cayman.

But stuff is just stuff, and I’ve discovered that “stuff” isn’t what makes me happy.

What makes me happy is treating my wife like a queen.

Being a father who’s there physically, emotionally and spiritually for my children.

Making a difference in the lives of the people my business serves.

Knowing that when I die, I will have done something worthwhile with my life.

So what I’m suggesting is this:

Take some time like I did, to get crystal clear on what YOU really want.

Put aside all those “fuzzy picture” ideas that the media keeps pushing our way, and discover what your true core desires are.

Do some soul searching from the inside out and discover what your true core desires really are.

Because once you do, everything else seems to fall into place.

I’ve found this to be true in my own life, and I know you will too.

Oh… and by the way… if the words I’ve shared with you here have made an impact on your life, or caused you too look at things in a new light, I’d love to hear from you.

Just post your comments below.

There’s a lot of other people who follow this blog, and your comments could be just the thing they needed to hear as well.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

Election Day

Monday, November 5th, 2012

One thing is for sure.

Today is a big day.

Today is a HUGE DAY!

And no matter what party you support, today’s election means a lot of things to a lot of people.

What happens at the polls today is going to shape our country for the next 4 years.

What are your thoughts on this historic day?

What do you visualize happening over the next 4 years, depending on the outcome of this election?

If you’re inclined to make your voice heard, NOW is your opportunity.

Post your comments below.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
”The Automatic Income Coach”

You’ve Gotta See This

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

A very close friend of mine just released this empowering short film, and you’ve got to see it.

I know you’re gonna love it.

It’s less than 4 minutes of your time, and worth every second.

Be sure to let me know what you think.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
”The Automatic Income Coach”