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Doomsday Prepper Publicity

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

My friends and clients, Kevin and Annissa Coy, are about to get some serious publicity by being featured on National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers television show.

Knowing what kind of show this is, it’s a bit of a risky move, but that’s alright… because that’s what we serious business owners and marketers do… we take calculated risks.

At this point, National Geographic hasn’t even released the film trailers, yet the conversation on their website about this episode is already in full swing.

In less than 48 hours, since National Geographic made a brief introduction of Kevin on their Facebook page, there’s already 123 posts, and like said, no film trailers have been released, the episode hasn’t aired, and really, nothing has happened other than the quick introduction.

Now, here’s where this starts to get REALLY interesting. Kevin has a business where he’s an expert on several different topics, and one of those topics is how to build a tiny house.

You can see his website at

Since Kevin’s major topic is tiny houses, and one of the audiences most interested in what he has to offer are survivalists and preppers, you can understand why Kevin would want to get on National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers show.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the show, but there’s some inherent risk that comes with linking yourself to a television show like this.

You run the risk of having the producers portray you in a different light that you’d want to be portrayed, because at the end of the day, for the producer, it’s all about ratings.

But, by taking matters into their own hands, Kevin and Annissa can leverage this opportunity for years and years to come, and make millions from it.

They’re already taking steps to leverage it in the way they want it to go, and have been doing so long before their episode even aired.

I happen to know that they’ve already made contact with a publication called Mother Earth News, and once this publisher discovered the Coys were going to be featured on Doomsday Preppers, they immediately asked Kevin to provide content for them as well.

As soon as Kevin shared this with me, I immediately suggested that he reach out to The Huffington Post and other major publications as well, offering to provide content for their readers.

Let’s take a close look at what Kevin and Annissa have already done, so we can learn from it.

1. They got the attention of National Geographic, and in specific, the Doomsday Prepper producers by letting them know that they had something to offer to the already ongoing dialog of the show.

2. More importantly, they clearly understood that the people who watch this show are also the people who are most likely to become customers and clients for what their business has to offer.

3. They began leveraging this publicity BEFORE it even happened.

4. They used the publicity, once again, BEFORE it even happened, to leverage their authority with other major publishers.

Keep in mind, this is what they did BEFORE anyone has seen their episode on the television show, and BEFORE anyone has seen so much as a trailer for the episode.

They’ve also got an in-depth strategy plan for what they’ll do after they’ve gained the notoriety and publicity that comes from being on the Doomsday Preppers episode.

And make no doubt about it, being on the episode itself is one small piece of the big overall strategy.

Their segment is 20-30 minutes in length, and yes, it puts them on national television, but once it’s over, it’s over.

It’s what Kevin and Annissa do with this publicity, both before and afterwards that makes all the difference in the world.

And like I said, they’ll be able to leverage this free publicity for years and years to come.

If you take the time to go to the Doomsday Prepper Facebook page, you’ll notice that some of the comments there are coming from his existing clients and subscribers, who he’s now built huge credibility with, simply because of his association with the show.

He’s also used this credibility (without the show even airing yet) to get the attention of the publishers at Mother Earth News and will no doubt use it to get the attention of other major publishers.

Because he’s now got a relationship with these other major publishers, he’ll be able to provide content for them on an ongoing basis, and every time he does, they’ll give him credit for the content, along with a direct link to his website… all at no charge.

I want to give a HUGE public congratulation to Kevin and Annissa for what they’ve done here.

And for you I have on question…

Would it be valuable for you if I hosted an interview with Kevin and Annissa so they could share all the details of how they got this free publicity?

Let me know by posting your comments below.

If there’s enough demand for this, I’ll be happy to host the interview for you.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

Your Greatest Asset

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

One of my gifts is creating really profitable connections with other people.

In just a minute, I’m going to connect you with my good friend Joshua Boswell.

For now, I think you know that when it comes down to it, my connections are the real engine to my wealth and happiness.

I’ve met some of the most successful people on the planet and talk with them about their businesses. They all say the same thing…

We’ve all noticed something about business growth and really fast profits…

Most business owners are not profiting from their greatest asset.

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In fact, many of them are allowing the power of their greatest asset to turn against them and actually slow down their profits and growth.

In some cases, ignoring their greatest asset has cost them everything… their business, their fortunes, their happiness. Ouch.

Here’s the thing about this whole subject…

It’s a major elephant-in-the-room topic that no one is talking about.

When I meet with business owners and individuals that are struggling or have seen their income slip, we discover that it comes down to this point: They are ignoring, neglecting, or even abusing their greatest asset.

On the flip side of the coin… when I work with clients that are zooming forward, they are making use of their greatest asset and prospering like crazy… and not just in their businesses… in every aspect of their life.

And that is where Joshua Boswell comes in. He’s created some of the most incredible tools I’ve ever seen for profiting from your greatest asset… just like I have from mine.

Joshua is good friends with some pretty top-notch people. His friend Jon Butcher (CEO/Chairman of Precious Moments) says,

“A win here, is a win everywhere. You get this one area right, and you get everything right.”

Clate Mask, CEO of InfusionSoft, recently commented to Joshua on this topic,

“It’s a big challenge that nobody is talking about. But when you get it right, it powers the success of your business. It has absolutely been the case for me.”

You should know that Clate’s business has had explosive growth in the past few years, going from a small software company, to doing tens of millions in sales.

Perry Marshall, the AdWord Guru, and Joshua were talking at a mastermind meeting recently, and he told Joshua how his multi-million dollar company hit a major wall because he failed to manage his greatest asset for a few years. There is a direct correlation between the growth of his business and finally nailing down strategies in this area.

I could go on and tell you about dozens of business owners that Joshua and I both personally know whose businesses have risen (or fallen) on the back of their greatest asset.

For example…

Joshua is working on a project right now with Peter Diamandis, the founder of the X Prize Foundation that put up $10 million to put the first private spacecraft into space. Peter explained that you need three things to make any successful business work… and, by far, the most important of these things is the greatest asset I’ve been talking about.

And, Peter should know… he has started dozens of multi-million dollar businesses and a handful of billion dollar industries, including two major universities.

Why do so many brilliant business owners miss the boat on this?

It’s because it is so close to home. As the saying goes…

“They can’t see the forest through the trees.”

What is the greatest asset?

In a word: Relationships.

Especially… Family & Marriage Relationships.

Business owners simply face a very unique set of family, marriage, and relationships challenges.

These unusual pressures seem to create a blindspot in entrepreneurs.

Those that figure it out win faster and bigger… those that don’t, stand to lose everything.

I really want you to nail this area of your life and business. That’s why I’m introducing you to Joshua and his wife Margie.

Joshua & Margie have developed a set of custom tools that help business owners nail down their critical family relationships AND be more effective in their marketing/business relationships so they can win at both family and business.

These tools and strategies allow you to finally profit from your greatest asset. They give you the insights to create profits drastically faster than you thought possible. And, they give you the secrets to prosper in all areas of your life… especially in your marriage and family relationships.

They have put together a FREE webinar and would like to invite you to join them. I highly recommend that you take them up on this.

During the webinar you will discover…

**The Opposing Cycles Paradigm – There are two cycles at work in your life. One creates automated misery, pain, frustration and defeat. It robs profits and destroys businesses.

The other – a polar opposite – creates automated wealth, fulfilment, abundance, and success.

Most people have both running in their lives like two massive gears grinding away at each other. Because of this, most people live lives of stagnation… never really moving ahead.

They’ll show what the Cycles are… and how to eliminate the failure cycle to drastically accelerate wealth and success in your life.

**The Time Machine – How to “gain” two additional hours in your day… time that you can use to invest in your greatest asset. This alone could boost your income 3x – 5x. It has for Margie and Joshua.

This is critical because most people say, “I don’t have time for that now!” This is a game changer.

**The Theory of Intolerable Thresholds – Every human being has a set threshold in three critical areas. These thresholds define all of your relationships, income levels, fulfilment, and happiness (or sadness). Each is intricately connected to the relationships in your life – especially family and marriage.

We will give you some very simple tools to identify your thresholds and then expand them so that you can have the business and family life that you really want.

** As a FREE gift to you for joining them on this groundbreaking webinar, they will give you special gift at the end. This gift will redefine how you look at key relationships in your life and help you leverage them in a way that maximizes your wealth and success.

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Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

So God Made A Farmer

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

As I spent Sunday with the family, enjoying good company, good food, watching the Superbowl… and the Superbowl commercials, one commercial in the 4th quarter really stood out.

And the reason is simple.

It connected with us.

The commercial was a simple slideshow of photographs accompanied by a stirring tribute to America’s farmers that featured the recurring phrase, “So God made a farmer.”

The scratchy audio in the commercial came from a speech given by radio personality Paul Harvey at the 1978 National Future Farmers of America Convention.

The Ram commercial begins with a bleak photograph of a single cow in front of a snowy field, and Harvey’s voice says, “And on the eighth day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, I need a caretaker. So God made a farmer.”

The product being promoted isn’t revealed until the very end, after the emotional connection has been made.

So take a peek at the 2-minute video if you haven’t seen it already.

And if you have seen it, you probably won’t mind watching it again.

And after you do, I’d like to ask you one question…

Did it connect with you?

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”