You’re Gonna Make People Angry

I’ve always been a really easy going kind of guy.

I’m also extremely outgoing and friendly.

And finally, I have a real heart for helping others.

That being the case, you’d think that the whole world would love me… right?


And it’s not going to be true for you either.

No matter how well intentioned you are and no matter how big your heart is… you’re going to rub some people the wrong way.

And you’re going to make some people downright angry.

But that’s ok, because in this video, I show you what to do when this happens.

Be sure to let me know specifically how this helps you.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

28 Responses to “You’re Gonna Make People Angry”

  1. Andria G. Bacco says:

    Thank you for your positive message. I really needed that today!!! Have a good day yourself.

  2. Angela says:

    True-ness if I ever heard it. Well said.

  3. john says:

    Absolutely right.

    I’m amazed at this guy trying to suck you into his own little melodrama and then getting upset when you didn’t try to turn into a bad copy of him.

    One of the US presidents once said “the surest way to fail is to try to please everybody.”

    I think the real trick is to have MOST people like you, not ALL the people ALL the time.

    Thanks Kevin.

  4. Hey, Kevin
    More great advice. In my various careers, I managed to offend vast numbers of people … journalism, labor relations and college professor … I had to learn there were three stories to every situation … mine, theirs and the truth. I learned later that the most important conversations were not about truth but about what’s important. Back on track: It helps to know two things: (1) ALL anger is anger with one’s self and (2)a Jesuit philosopher once said: “When you’re angry, you’re wrong.”

  5. David Knight says:

    Hey Kevin!

    Again, you are so right. I remember so well, when I signed up with you, that you made the point of being just who you are and that if anyone in your audience couldn’t handle that, then you probably couldn’t work with them.

    Let me tell you, Kevin, that that particular statement resonated with me and that, in that moment, I saw what an authentic fella you are!
    Life is getting in the way of my studies with you, at the moment, so I am feeling a little left behind but, hey, I’m still so glad to be one of your (very mature)students!

    God bless you guvnor!

  6. Larry says:

    Hi Kevin

    You’re right…you can’t please
    everyone…just be yourself and
    be true to your word.


  7. This happens in business and everyday life. We cannot control the way others respond, or in this kind of situation, react. The best thing we can do is – let it go.

  8. Frank J Torchia says:

    You are sooooooooo right….

  9. Brenda says:

    Thanks for sharing this insightful video . Your absolutely right about accepting the fact that your inevitably going to both positively and negatively impact people . Some will be appreciative and some people are just impossible to please.

    Doing business is a numbers game,you win some you lose some…. but, focus on the SOME -that you win and, you”ll win in the long run !

    Thanks again Kevin, have a great day and ENJOY your Starbucks !!

  10. hubert says:

    that is why we celebrate fourth of july freedom freedom to love or dislike other people views its your right

  11. Carmen says:

    Well said Kevin. I’ve recently had someone tell me that I was self righteous for answering an angry email with love. I know that I’ve grown as a person over the last few months, when I was able to laugh at that, understanding that the problem was not mine, but theirs.

  12. Jess Aragon says:

    So true! Never let anyone steal your vision or your dreams! If you aren’t offending someone by noon each day, you aren’t really doing much. Great message, and yes, it’s so important not to let people get in the way of you trying to do well by others. Now let’s go have that Starbucks!

  13. Linda says:

    I really enjoyed this. it is so true about not pleasing everyone all of the time.The important thing is being honest and genuine.

  14. Frank says:

    Thank you, once again for these words of confirmation for me. A few mornings ago during my “Affirmation” session I spoke similar words to myself. “Be my authentic self,” knowing that some may be offended…….that’s just the nature of the beast……it’s going to happen. Have an awesome day!

  15. Chris says:

    Nothing like a good dose of truth, thank you!

  16. ashley says:

    Thanks for that message, such perfect timing for my current situation! And so true that once you really follow your true passion, not everyone will just hop onboard! As an artist, I have never had a big support team, but as a tradesperson(interior decorative arts), at least my family “approved” of my career choice. Now that I am trying to make in the Fine Arts world, and no longer want to work in labor/trade, everyone is confused and some are angry! But I stick to my proverbial guns, and just keep painting!!!

  17. Cleve Simeon says:

    this looks like the real deal

  18. Michael says:

    i believe you to be an honest and genuine guy i have not watched the video but i will a basic fact is however well intentioned you maybe in changing your lifestyle if you dont have the money at a specific time then you can not buy the program if you dont have a credit history especially in UK you will not be able to use debit or credit card to buy whatever latest software or training material because any application is declined this is what makes me angry as i have worked all my life in UK paying taxes and national insurance yet there is no history this makes me very angry the banks of the world are the most corrupt people on the planet in the last few years uk and usa have gone to war in various country’s none of those country’s are in the IMF CHECK IT OUT IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME

  19. Wow, to thank how strong he was about Starbucks. Did he give you a reason? It helps to understand the reasoning behind it, then do what you want to do anyway. We can not please all the people. That is why we are unique.

  20. Darlene says:

    Hello Thank For that You Rigth about People You Can not make every body like you. and if you don’t do want they said .yes day don’t like it that they lost. we all have a mind every body think differ. God give use a mind too think.yes I always was nice to people. Because that in the Bible God teach us that. some people don’t like you Because what you Belive in I was told to love people not hate I SO HAPPY THAT GOD IS A HAPPY GOD AND A LOVELY GOD.

  21. Todd says:

    Love it, Kevin!!!! This is great (and universal) advice!!!

    Although you never actually said it, a subtext I got from your message is don’t be controlled by other peoples’ fears. When you’re not afraid, or when you avoid being sucked into someone else’s drama, you display confidence, and that is what does the attraction!

  22. As a Canadian just let me say to anyone I may offend in the future…I’m sorry and have no intantion of offending you but look at what happened to Jesus Christ….even he couldn’t please everyone…so for me its a no brainer…it’s highly unlikely that I’ll keep everyone happy. Thanks Kevin for your “damage control”…I’ll just keep thinking of Jesus Christ and forgive everyone else for acting human. I’m in Malaysia and Starbucks keeps me grounded. I also drink an Americano wthout sugar or whitener.

    I liked what Brenda said…essentially some will, some won’t…next. Glenn

  23. maren says:

    Wow! That is pretty comical! Who would have seen that coming! I will keep this video in mind the first time I pi** off one of my clients! It should pull me through…thanks Kevin

  24. Lashonda says:

    That is so true…. no matter what you do or how nice you are it will always be someone with anger issues…. thank you Kevin for sharing; and I’m glad you still support Starbucks

  25. Beverley Hines says:

    You are truly great. You seem to know just where it hurts, and how to stop the pain. Thank you, Kevin, for providing the antidote to this problem.

    You see, I love people, and I try to be nice to everybody, but in spite of that, some people seem to be upset and bitter all the time. As a Christian, my prayer has been to ask God to make me a nicer person.

    You are so correct. I will never be able to please everyone, no matter how hard I try. So, I will continue to try to do what’s right, and I will also just try to ignore those who apparently have a problem with that. THANKS AGAIN!

  26. Jan says:

    I figure some people just love to hate. Like you said, its unavoidable so find the balance with attracting positive people. Thanks for your reminder and wise words!

  27. Wade says:

    Great message Kevin. My Dad use to say,” you can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all the time.Life is Good!!

  28. Bob says:

    What a timely message … thank you!

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