Frustrated By Debt?

I was talking with a client yesterday afternoon and as we discussed his business situation he began telling me about the large amount of debt he’d accumulated.

As the conversation continued, it really hit home because I was in the very same situation… not that long ago.

It also reminded me of how tough things can be when you’re burdened with that kind of debt.

I actually used to loose sleep at night, because I was more than $65,000.00 in debt, and sinking further each month.

I don’t know where you’re at in your life right now, and what your specific situation is, but maybe you can relate.

It’s a really cruddy feeling when you’re in debt like that.

Fortunately, that’s not the end of the story, and the conversation I had yesterday made me think you might find this helpful too.

Because I went from $65,000.00 in debt, to being debt-free with $20,000.00 in the bank… in less than 25 months.

I’ve shared the whole “how I did it” story in some of my private mastermind and coaching groups, but I’ve never really talked about it in public.

Yesterday’s phone conversation brought back some memories of how hard things can be, but also made me thankful because I know how great it feels to be completely debt-free.

And now I’m thinking that I should maybe host a special event, so I can show YOU how I did it too.

But before I do, I need to hear from you.

As always, I need to know that this is something you’d find valuable.

So let me ask you:

If you’ve got debt…

How is it affecting you? How is it affecting your family? How is it affecting your business?

How would it feel to be rid of it?

Would it be valuable if I showed you how to make that happen?

Let me know by posting your comments below.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

158 Responses to “Frustrated By Debt?”

  1. Theresa Hill says:

    I do not own a business,..I am a real estate agent,…how can you help me?…my debt is overwhelming, and if you could show me how to get rid of it,.. I would finally feel I had freedom.

  2. jo says:

    Yes I have enough debt to lose sleep, have knots in my stomach, and never seem to be able to profit from what I do as a Consultant in the geriatric health care/elder care placement services I own as a placement advisor consultant. I’d appreciate some helpful insight into an area that I seem to not be recognizing my mistakes. Thank you, jo

  3. Sharon Fincel says:

    I would definitely like to know about this, I have had so many setbacks this year that not only is my business suffering, I am suffering and feel like I’m drowning. I don’t want to close my business and get a job, but it’s looking like that may happen. So, yes, please show me what I can do. Thank you!

  4. Charles says:

    The constant worry of how to find ways to pay off debt when business is slow and debt eats up all monthly sources of revenue, is a daily mental burden. It interfers with and makes it difficult to maintaining a positive attitude.

  5. Joyce says:

    My story sounds just like Sharon’s. The stress of it all is affecting my health and ability to concentrate. So yes, I’d very interested in what you have to say. Thank you.

  6. Tray says:

    I’m not in debt anymore but need more income to finally buy a home of my own. Yes, I’d be very interested in what you have to share. I *do* remember those sleepless nights, though wondering how I’d manage… – Tray

  7. Angie says:

    I have tried with online business but tech knowledge is limited. My emphasis
    has been natural health which is sanity given big pharmas lies but the economy
    limits belief. Also live in Midwest where folks are less adventurous. Appreciate
    any help which is practical and nitty -gritty and not too costly. Angie

  8. Anthony says:

    I own,operate and treat patients in two chiropractic clinics. Debt piles on each and every month due to overhead, losing patients, not getting enough new patients. I am a damn good doctor,but a poor marketer/businessman. I went into my career to help people not to worry all the time about finances and wishing i could win the lotto. I am definitely interested in what you have to say.

  9. Johan says:

    I have had so many setbacks last year, business is quiet and I have a huge debt to pay. I would definitely like to know what you can offer me to get out of debt.

  10. dennis says:

    debt is my cancer to my financial well being
    knowing how to get out and stay out is essential

  11. Hsueh says:

    My company just laid off a percentage of people, while I’m lucky enough not to be part of that percentage, I am not getting a raise and I will be down 12k this year. If there is a way to do this while I am still at my job (you know what they say about quiting your day job) and be able to pay down my debt: 24K and make enough to relocate in 1.5 years, I’d be a happy woman.

  12. Tim says:

    The elimination of debt (one month away from major mortgage issues)would create the ability to secure a future; a future for my family (education, etc.). In addition, it would allow the ability to create a lifestyle where, being free from the constraints of an employer I could, like yourself, help others through training, etc. do the same.

  13. ALAIN says:

    I just closed my company because my line of credit was at the top. Almost no sale lately. I am looking for something else but I don’t know what to get out of those debt. Every time me and my wife arguing is about money, beside money every thing is going fine. I have big idea and projects in mind but without money!!! My credit at the banks is not good. If you could give me some idea how to get out of that situation I would more than happy.

  14. Samuel says:

    I really need effective help containing and eliminating debt from my life. If your strategy could be helpful, then please publish in full! Obviously, there are many people who wrestle with significant debt and it’s drowning many good souls…

  15. Naomi T says:


    I made the realisation that buying stuff to make me feel better didn’t but by that time my wounds were just as deep and I had a massive cloud of debt hanging over my head now I feel overwhelmed and like my life and happiness in on hold as long as my debt sits there and I cant see a way out. I would welcome any help or know how on how to get my life back and be debt free!!!

  16. Tom says:

    Yes I to would love to here your secrets at wits end

  17. Mani says:

    Sounds good, but i don’t believe you will prove it. I am in debt, show me how I can get rid off it. Thank you.

  18. jcw says:

    Would be great to hear what you have to say Kevin.
    Currently debt free, debt free for three years
    with multiple streams of income coming in and
    would like to keep it that way. Done it the hard
    way, nobody handed me anything on a silver/gold plater.

    I can feel for anybody who is in debt, lost their
    job, ran out of benefits, losing sleep, depressed.
    Done it been there. Hang in there everybody, better
    days are ahead, JUST DON’T GIVE UP & KEEP THE FAITH

  19. Tom says:

    I’m all ears, Kevin…

  20. Delia Daza says:

    Yes, I have lotssss of problems with money and I have been trying with many different ways, I’m actually working on the spiritual side right now with a coach, but it never hurts to hear other ways.

  21. Aldon says:

    AND HOW!!! Now that its the end of the tax season and you really see how much you have made over the year…well its sad that there is nothing to show for but more bills! We have multiple steams of income but rivers of debt. School loans are due and outrageous !!. Where does it end? Yes, I need HELP!

  22. Terry says:

    Tricky subject. My personal debt is not overwhelming but I would like to be free of it. More importantly would like to multiply my income so that I can not only eliminate all personal debt but create a cash flow that will allow me to secure my present and my future.

    One thing to keep in mind however is the debt this nation is in which impacts each of us as well through loss of purchasing power. Currently, we sit at $15.2 Trillion or $48,800 for each individual man, woman and child. As long as this debt builds, we are all in danger of losing traction and our societal foundations. So yes, we need to eliminate personal debt but we also need to do our part and elect individuals who are truly willing to reduce our national debt. Otherwise, we all boil in the same pot.

    So yes, to help with personal debt but please do not ignore your responsibility in eliminating our national debt or survival will be the issue not personal debt. Sorry, to bring this up but to me this is the most important personal and societal issue that we all face whether we choose to acknowledge it or not and it cannot be ignored or trivialized.

  23. Fred says:

    Kevin, we all need help. Life is very challenging. Thanks for caring!

  24. Caesar says:

    Man am I catching it. I work hard, but my paycheck is’nt enough to cover the household bills not to say the years of debt that has been over me for years now. I need help. Real help.

  25. GJ says:

    Yes, would love to hear how you did it. I am unemployed right now and staring at a pile of bills on the table including, RENT due. It saddens me to be in debt and trying to find ways to get out (i.e. businesses, entrepreneurship, etc.) and the more you try, the deeper in debt you get. I am a writer by profession but have always held a day job while trying to get my business off the ground. Well now, I am stressed constantly about not having a place to live, etc. I say all that because it would be great to hear how you did it but of course, I am sure it will costs us to do that and that is money I don’t have to spare. I usually pay for all kinds of knowledge to help my situation but right now even that is not feasible.

  26. Lance Zimney says:

    Debt has been hanging over me and my business for 5 years & it’s not getting any smaller. There’s no getting used to. Being able to buy the things the business needs or I need in my personal life is not really an option. Not drowning (emotionally) but more like I’m just treading water in the middle of a giant ocean with no shoreline in sight. Former millionaire friends and relatives of mine just lost a house, so I know debt is affecting people of all status at this time. Appreciate your concerns and your help. ~ Lance

  27. Anderson, gj says:

    Of course it would be helpful.

  28. Jeff Miller says:

    Yes I would be interested. Listened to some interviews with David Bach and have just got his book, also like Dave Ramsey. And I to have payed off about 65,000 in credit card debt in last year. still no money saved up, but working on it, and working on upping income to aid in this. I am open to any help I can recieve on this topic and would welcome the help.

  29. hubert says:

    kevin i would love to hear what you got to say because you always speak the truth

  30. Doug says:

    It would be great to see a simple proven system that creates over 10k a month

  31. Mohammed says:

    Yes I have a lot debt can you please help?

  32. John N. says:

    I am curious of course and thank you… I guess at age 51 I am in the minority. I am debt free.
    No consumer debt and by choice don’t use credit cards. I am not financially “rich” by any means,
    but I live within my means, I save and I have work I love. I am open to possibilities and opportunities.
    My definition of success is uniquely my own and I really pretty much do my own thing. That all said,
    there is a small part of me that would like to dive into another passion/cause/love.

  33. kevin says:

    I feel like I’ve heard it all but it sure wouldn’t hurt to hear this from you


  35. Laurie says:

    I have been fighting a $30k debt of credit cards and $100k of equity loan for years and not getting very far with knocking it down. Would love to find other ways to kick this.

  36. Alan says:

    Business has not been good the last couple of years. I have not chosen to pile on debt, but no income has the same devastating effect. I’m open to ideas to fix the income issue.


  37. KSS says:

    No debt (except mortgage) but increasingly hard to meet constantly rising costs, electricity, gas, public transport, food etc all rising fast no matter what you do to cut usage. I don’t eat out, go to movies, drink, smoke, shop… I haven’t had a holiday in 12 years! I work for not for profit NGO and believe me, good feelings don’t pay bills. Have looked at some self employment options but all require financial investment (either in expensive ‘seminars’, buy-my-book/CD/DVD-to-find-out-the-secret-of-wealth traps or “just $5000 for a start-up pack”), which I don’t have. Where to go from here?

  38. william mccoy says:

    Hi Kevin;
    Thanks for asking about my huge ball&chain called my debt I’m carrying around.
    I’m over $30,000 in debt and still climbing,the bad part it steals my dreams and
    stops me from taking that leap of faith it takes to become more than a paycheck
    that don’t even keep up with the debt.I trully want a change for the better. I’m
    willing to be coached for something better.Most every thing on the internet cost
    a great amount of money upfront to get started and you end up with some very
    expensive books and CD’s.It also sends you farther in debt.I want a way out without
    spending my last dime on empty promises. Thank You For Caring!
    William McCoy

  39. Cheryl says:

    I have $150,000 in student loans, and those cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. The $13,000 in credit card debt is peanuts compared to the student loan debt.

  40. Mark says:

    I think that there is always value in getting more information that can help your financial situation.

  41. wings moore says:

    Never had any debt my whole life. Bought and paid for my home, car, trips, and everything else with cash. It’s an old-fashioned ethic of mine that if I can’t pay cash for it, I shouldn’t own/do it. It’s worked grand for me. I sleep well at night and have a very comfortable lifestyle.

    I think if more people lived like this, the world would be a lot happier, safer, and more peaceful. It seems to me that the media for decades has been solidifying the idea that we can’t have what we want and pay for it in full at the time we get it. We can. My parents did it, I and all my siblings have done it, my kids have done it. It works.

  42. Even if a person is not in debt, I believe your advice will be useful.

    Doris Roberts

  43. Daniel says:

    Kevin, Like everyone here, I need a helping hand and to be pointed in the right direction(s). Things are getting a bit dire, so I’d be beyond grateful for your help. Thank you very much.

  44. Luther B. says:

    I am open to any suggestions from a man who has done it. We had to bail out of a business 2 years ago and still owe $40K. My wife was “early retired” last year and just found parttime work. We are barely treading water financially. Share what you know and we’ll all be grateful!

  45. Julie says:

    I always thought a good work ethic would get me through. The problem with that is even with this enormous capacity for hard work, I am limited by the hours in a day, the hourly rate I can charge and the demand for my services. And for only a couple of years when I wasn’t so focussed on work (okay relationship issues got in the way – and not in a good way), the debt built up. It’s so hard to recover from that.

  46. I am eager to read your advice.

  47. Torab says:

    I am open to any suggestions as I am in massive debt and need ways of getting out if FAST before it kills me! Look forward to a good and useful way out.

  48. Even if a person is not in debt I believe your advice will be helpful.

  49. Bernie says:

    My concern is I’m nearing 60 and my business upon which I was counting for income for years into retirement has been wiped out by our Thief in Chief so I’m having to begin figuring out how to earn an income again at this late point in my life. I’m looking at online opportunities but everything I have purchased so far has been near fraudulent garbage. Are you any different – can you help?

  50. Sunshine says:

    I don’t know a single person who won’t want help with debt relief! I was in debt and got out..and then a move home from out of country put me back in.. and now I am working on building a business.. and still fighting with my desire to travel and not return to a 9-5 lifestyle. Fighting materialistic ideals thrust in my face daily, and pressure to conform to ‘normalcy’. I want nothing more than to succeed at my own business ventures and prove to myself and the world that I can do it, and that I can be not rich…but stable and debt free.

  51. Frances Turner says:

    Our mortgage is upside down, it is a interest only so I’m never paying it down. My house is worth $80,000 less than what I owe. We have an electrical business that with many months its slow, but then when it gets busy we don’t have the cash flow to support it so we go into debt. I want off the roller coaster & be able to sleep at night & not worry about $ all the time. I want $to work for me and not the other way around. PLEASE HELP DEPERATELY NEEDING IT!

  52. Lee says:

    I have a fair amount of debt, although the situation is under control, for the moment. The majority of the debt is finance for income producing assets and while the cash-flow is sufficient to cover the repayments and give me a reasonable standard of living, it is a worry.. Those assets are relatively illiquid, being property and business and the cash-flow is not guaranteed. The debt reduces my taxable income so it all balances out but it would be nice to be reducing that debt far more quickly and easing up on the ‘hamster wheel’ that is cash-flow..

  53. Dave says:

    Consumer debt is a trap. The only debt worth having is when you’re leveraging your financial position to obtain assets or profit. I don’t have any debt. Have been debt free for years. Is has been such a relief since the GFC struck. More than ever it is essential for people to be disciplined in their spending, or else they get weighed down with debt, which eats into their after tax income. Get free as soon as you can. The GFC will be with us for many more years!

  54. Sam Holley says:

    Sound good when do I start

  55. Hugely in debt – school loans. Barely able to make rent. would really like to be debt free and wealthy.

  56. Sam Holley says:

    Sound great when do I start

  57. Carl says:

    I fell overwhelmed every day. I am 72, have limited income, just moved from Ohio to Texas and now need someway to make a living. I had an accident before, and lost my billfold with all id and cards moving in, plus $700! I need to know how to make a living on the internet instead of a minimum level job. I do NOT need to spend money I do not have to do so. CWL

  58. I’ve been in debt for quite some time, I ‘m searching for an legitimite home base business to help me get me back on track for all and to shut up my skeptical critics. Is there any real business out there, who is telling the truth?

  59. Keith says:

    I don’t have much debt but still have 27 years on my mortgage and I retired last year!! The home has been refinanced many times for an addition and kids’ college expenses. Mortgage is keeping us cash strapped in the years we should be enjoying ourselves. HELP!

  60. nick wells says:

    I am very frusterated and have been for a long time

  61. Christine says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I would love to hear how you got out of debt; I truly believe that’s its possible, and that we just need to be shown “how”. Thank you very much for inspiring others and for making it your mission to help other people — you are making an incredibly valuable contribution at a time when people really need it! Blessings to you.

  62. Nancy says:

    Such an important topic today. We as individuals and as a culture must learn how to handle debt, stop debting, and how to survive whether times are good or bad. It’s not being taught in school — but these are basic tools everyone needs to know.

    Thanks for tackling this!

  63. Mary says:

    I’m interested. At the moment I’m unemployed and just able to pay the bills. Really need to get organized about bringing down the debt as fast as I can.

  64. Sam says:

    Renters always thank that owning a home is better….they forget that there is maintenance…….furnance goes out, then the water heater, plumbing problems, then the new siding and windows. The “profit” the owner gets barely covers the taxes and interest and if there is any profit it is taxed.

  65. Marilyn says:

    I am in business with $150K in debt!! It used to keep me up at night but I have visited a bankruptcy attorney but have not been able to pay him. My family is unable to have what they want when they want it. I have had trouble putting food on the table and keeping gas in the car. I have wonderful friends who have been a tremendous help.I am terminally embarrassed. I have fallen for a lot of internet money making schemes that got me further in debt. Most of all, I am tired of the calls and the letters and the thoughts that go through my head.

  66. sb says:

    yes, please

  67. Patti says:

    I would love nothing more than to have my own website, I actually have one in mind, but am not eactly sure how to get it started, or where the money is going to come from to start it. I get so many emails in my inbo from so called interen guru’s it is so hard to know who to trust anymore. I can never make my budget as something is always happening so that my husband does not get a full weeks paycheck. He ha fallen and been out of work for 7 weeks and workmans comp and my unemployment, just does not cover it. Have been to court for credit card debt twice in the last month,i just want to crawl under a rock and give up, but I know there is money to be made on the internet so i am plugging away faithfully at getting all the info i want on my site together, but if it would not cost mr hundreds of dollars to get your ideas, i may do it as I am interested in getting out of debt.

  68. Rich says:

    Debt is a big weight that I dream about lifting off my shoulders!
    The issue is not adding to it!
    What is your proposal?

  69. Gary says:

    We don’t have very much debt, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things we’d like to purchase, invest in, or give to as far as ministries. We rent because we lost our home to foreclosure about 9 years ago. We live pay check to pay check and along with jobs have a small sheep enterprise. We’d like to expand, make it profitable, but until we have the money to invest to improve, we stay small because we don’t want to incur debt. Many things we need or would like, we don’t purchase because we don’t want the debt. It would be great to make extra money, but when opportunities arise, I just don’t have the motivation to hit the road, pick up the phone, go to meetings, and spend our limited cash to try to make more of it. It just seems like a poor business plan.

  70. Bill says:

    I don’t have debt because I live in a nursing home. I’m barely 50 years old, much to young to be here, and I want out. I will need money to survive on “the outside.” I have job to go back to.

  71. mark says:

    Debt is bad. Most people spend more than they make each year. The us goverment is a good example of bad debt. make a plan.

  72. Hello Kevin I am still in debt and it is paid by me as another mortgage. It seems to never end since i lost all my money when 9/11 went down. I seem to never make a steady income doing online businesses. I just plug along in hopes of one day meeting the right person at the rite time so i to can acquire online riches.

  73. ks says:


    As usual you are right on time. I have been carrying a big debt load for years and slowly digging at it. Earlier I had decided that this was the year I am going to get serious. I have a strong start, but any help would be great-especially from someone who has been there.



  74. dave says:

    I made the same last year as the year before. but my expenses were higher last year. The net result is less income to me. I would like to know how I can leverage earnings and decrease my debt.

  75. Mark says:

    With the failing economy affecting us and our children we have not been able to reduce debt as we once planned. Retirement would be nice but cannot occur until cash flows have stabilized. I will be 63 this spring and would like to handle the car and house maintenance without drawing on retirement resources. Debt has cancelled those options.

  76. Mike says:

    I am a business owner and its really difficult out there, right now! Managing debt makes it even more difficult. It is more than stressful!!! To be totally free from bondage & experience true financial freedom is what its all about and I am all for learning how to do it.

  77. shane anciso says:

    It would mean the world to me with the knowledge & value I bring to the table to be given the opportunity to raise more capital lines of credit for my beginning reputation management company, with lines up to $100,000 moving my business forwards by as much as 20 yrs & allowing my company to make a return within 10 months of over 1.2 million.

  78. Kevin says:

    hi Kevin, given that you’ve been there, done that, and come out the other side smiling, EVERYTHING you have to say would be almost priceless!!

  79. Gloria says:

    I’d like to be out of debt and have money sitting in my bank acct right now. However, I’m not intersted in dishing out any more money until I see or have what I have been promised.
    First, I get sucked into “no-opt-in” Get it here absolutely free!, etc. etc.. So I give my credit card number then, I have pay a small amount for _______(fill in the blank), then I need to gt a webhost at $________(fill in the blank), then there’s the _____ (fill in the blank) and just when you think the guru or coach or _____fill in the blank, they want a small amt for admin fee or ______ (fill in the blank).

    Meanwhile, I’ve spent a few thousand dollars, for a business that will only take a couple of hours but it turns out to be ______ weeks or even months (fill in the blank)for a small fee of $_____(fill in the blank). A week goes by and nothing, 2 weeks go by and still nothing. You call the 800 Number, then you hear …”the number you have dialed is not available in your area at this time.” Or you send in a ticket number that states “you will be contacted within the next 48hrs. if not then submit a ticket to that ticket. By the time you speak to a human, (I think), you’ve forgotten what the problem was. However, at this point, Life got in the way, and the money spent, website built, (so they say) but at that point, I don’t care, I just want out.

    What do you have to offer that will get me out of debt? How long is it going to take? How much is this going to cost? Not just the training, but the cost of hosting, web building, membership fees, you all those nickle and dime costs that affect a single mom earning below the poverty level with child to feed.

    What make you different? What do you have to offer? When do I get it? And what’s my so called success mean to you anyway? What’s in it for you? I know you’re not doing this from the goodness of your heart.

    I said it the way I see it. What I need is for you to CONVINCE ME.

  80. Rick says:

    Financially things are going down the drain and I’m stuck in the whirlpool going with it. I need a lifeline to grab. To date, the problem with most of the offers for financial Independence, or a way out of the debt quagmire require upfront funding which is not available hence my answering this survey. You said you had a goal of helping at least 10,000 people like myself before 2014. I am interested in seeing if your program is any different from the hundreds of other entities offering to share there knowledge for a price. We all know it is not simple or easy or else there would be a lot more financially independent people and not much of a market for the get rich quick marketing.

  81. Marc says:

    I am a young guy trying to make it in this economy. Lost my job in construction, took odd jobs just to make ends meet, and have accummulated debt. My whole family including parents and brother’s family have all suffered. One of my parents is unemployed, hasn’t planned for retirement the right way and is drawing on ss now. My family is always stressed even though we are trying to hold it together the best way we know how. Would love to find a legitimate work-from-home online business that isn’t difficult to learn, that isn’t a scam (so many out there), and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to get started. Please help!!!

  82. Robert says:

    When Harry was sent to stop an asteroid on a collisoon course with earth in Armageddon, you never realized how many people could be in debt.
    It wasnt until after Harry detonated the bomb that caused the asteroid to break in two causing both halves to miss earth, that the people realized what the outcome of being in debt could mean.
    Debt is like enslavement emanating from the most evil fumes of Kabbalic sorcery.
    It is reminiscent of the times when slaves in the colonies suffered bondage under the British crown.
    That is why it is so important to make it a top priority to get out above everything.

  83. Amy says:

    Yes, I’m frustrated by my debt. But I’ve decided to let it all go since I can’t do anything about it, and focus on what I can do something about; my job. Although I am not happy making someone else rich, I have been starting to make some decent money, sometimes. I would be very interested to know what you have to offer.

  84. Patricia says:

    Drowning in debt due to less income. May lose my house. Makes me feel sad.

  85. Gerhard says:

    I’m working as a therapist with natural medicine. I know I’m good, and, just like Anthony says, I’m in this to help people not to worry all the time about finances, but due to the actual economic situation here in Europe, people hardly can pay natural treatments, and that’s why I see now less patients. It would be wonderful to get rid of the debt piles accumulated in the past and to act again with a positive and creative attitude that really works!!

  86. Darren says:

    Our debt seems to multiply year after year. looking forward to seeing whats
    instore for 2012!

  87. Diane says:

    Hi Kevin, I am happy to say, I am debt free!

  88. Judy says:

    I am a real estate BROKER…,probably the brokest broker:-(.
    I was selling new homes during the bubble in Las Vegas with a waiting list of hundreds for homes that were going up by &20K+ per month!
    I started to buy and hold for a year for favorable capital gains taxes of 15% instead of 35%, smart I thought, until the bubble burst with
    me holding too many now overpriced homes that I used
    my 401K funds and savings for the 20% DP that investors
    had to pay….YIKES!’ payments higher than rents too:-(

    Lost it all, in debt, owe IRS and my profession of new home
    sales has been destroyed by REO prices.

    Yes, coach me out of this mess I’m in’!!!

  89. Linda says:

    I don’t own a business…I’m a Counsellor employed by the Government and I hear of sad situations every day. I have just come out of a bad relationship and divorce which has left me barely surviving financially and very much in debt. I am very interested in your coaching…so please count me in. (^_^)

  90. Mike says:

    You can’t provide much help to others if you are drowning in debt yourself!

  91. liz says:

    I dream about being debt free – I inhertited enormous debts from the very mess end to a marriage – two heartbreaks in one. Now I’m planning on selling my house to clear the debt. Which is awful. But worse is I’m not sure how I’m going to make it to the point where I can see the money from the sale till July. In the meantime I’m launching a business to bring in more money… but I honestly don’t know where I’m going to find the money for that. I feel stressed about it, but am working hard on not losing sleep over it. Gulp. it’s hard though.

  92. Penny says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Reading all the above makes it clear to me that many of us are in the same boat and that debt has taken away so much from us all. None of us plan to be in debt and so would very much like to hear what you have to say.

  93. John says:

    struggling from month to month is not satisfying. Somehow I need to change my life around.

  94. kabby says:

    I just got in debt two years ago. How shall I start? The first time I thought I found “the one” and feel in (what I thought was mutual true love)love head over heals and I believed in him only to find out that he was a compulsive liar and a cheat…hence I invested in him with a business and helped him with his child and health issues and found out that he scammed me out of 50k. Then when the economy tanked, and I own a design business as a sole proprietor, I had to deplete my savings, my IRA and then used credit to keep me afloat, another 60K in debt (have you done the math yet) I have never been in this debt boat before and it makes me ill and scared. I have just started to do some online affiliate marketing and trying to learn this field as an internet marketer and it is a huge learning curve for me to say the least. I believe in myself and will do whatever it takes as I have always been a survivor and found a way to stay afloat and achieve what I set my goals out to do. I am just tired of trying to get by when I believe abundance is out there for me. I have never relied on any one else as I have never been one to be dependent on others to get by. Any thoughts and directions???

  95. Sammie says:

    I would love to increase business to the point that I am doing LESS manual and more mental work. Would like to pay off this home, car, work van, and, know what it like to take a REAL family vacation and not worry about getting a FLOOD call!!!

  96. David says:

    I don’t carry credit card debt. I pay my balance every month. However, I’d love to pay off my mortgage and car. Those are the two big debt items that keep me worried about my next client, my next contract, my next opportunity to earn money. I’d love to be able to save for a good retirement. My parents are poor and can barely afford to live off their social security deposits. That scares me for my future. I don’t mind working…I want to be able to save more money!

  97. john douglas says:

    Hi Kevin;
    Yes I feel like I’m drowning, If you can help me with a way out, I would definitly like
    to come aboard, and change my future. Gloria, Patti, and Rich say it well. Thank you.

  98. Cynthia says:

    Wow, so many people suffering from the same
    disease. How did we all come down with it? Why
    weren’t we taught when we were young how to
    handle money? I’m sure we would all benefit from
    any advice offered on this topic. Thanks

  99. Manfred says:

    I think that many would be very interested. Personally I know where I stand and have my visions and goals written down for the coming years for all areas of my life.

  100. Lionel says:

    Would like to own my own home some day

  101. Dzulkifli says:

    Dear sir, for whole of my life I have been working for money . I hope you can tell me how to have passive income and make money work for me instead.

  102. Hey Kevin

    It’s really tough to work so hard day after day and not have anything to show for it. I like you am in the cleaning business and we know how tough the job is day to day. I want more free time with my kids and to do the things I want to do. We only live once and I don’t want to spend it cleaning carpets.

  103. jo says:

    I did reply Kevin, so far I am looking forward to the steps to follow to be able to pay down and resolve my current debts, while moving ahead to living debt free the remainder of my life. I’m not getting any younger so hopefully this program you have designed works successfully and rapidly. thank you again, jo.

  104. philile says:

    the most frustrating part about my debt is that i dont see an end in sight. its almost as though its something im stuck with for the next several years and this really bugs me because being a single mom with three children theres a lot that i would like to do for my children, please help.

  105. Brian says:

    Yes…show me the way. I need help.

  106. Ken says:

    Yes, I’m interested.

  107. Duane says:

    Yes. The last 4 year has been a struggle both in business and personal right now we are staying a float but just day by day. Our saving is gone and have had to borrow from family more than every wanted to.

  108. Mark says:

    Sir, yes I too would be interested in no-hype, no b.s. info. to make some money. Thank-you.

  109. FRANK says:

    Need to retire-need to be debt free

  110. kristine says:

    Hi, Im near retiring age with mortgage and credit card debt. Would like to be debt free before I retire. kris

  111. Janice says:

    We have down-sized ourselves in every way possible in the past 12 years, yet we struggle to pay our bills. We see ourselves being in serious financial trouble within a few months and don’t know if there is anything we can do to avoid it!

  112. I am ready to hear of what I could do. – I have already told my story.

  113. Brad says:

    I’m just a wage slave trying to make ends meet. Looking for something to change my life for the better

  114. Steve says:

    Hey Kevin, I’d love to hear what you’ve got to say. We’ve gotten ourselves in a deep hole and have been trying to work our way out of it, but it’s another couple years at best. Anything…ANYTHING that can help is welcome. Thanks.

  115. Ann says:

    Thanks to a mistake by the tax authority I’m badly in debt. Any help? gimme, gimme!

  116. V.K. says:

    I am in debt, injured, and unemployed. I am open to hearing something that might help.

  117. William says:

    Ok i was let go from work in November. Really would like to know how not to be so broke.

  118. Mary says:

    Kevin, I have been employed in the financial industry for 29 years, I would love to be debt free yet I remain stuck in the steady paycheck with no room for additional income, my debt is maintained it never goes away. I am listening……..

  119. Nancy says:

    I am more than frustrated because I know that you have to have a landing page, I know that you have to do so many of the things you and others talk about – but I can’t seem to get people to purchase, or even find me! UGH! So tired of working soooooooooo hard without the success I desire.

  120. Bill says:

    I have debt and would love to be rid of this 2-ton gorilla on my back. I work in the Health Care Industry. Need to be able to have a happy life again. I’m all ears!

  121. Linda Rivera says:

    You are truly a very good man who loves people. Yes, I would like to be with you all the way in this venture of yours helping us all to get out of debt. Thanks.

  122. Ken Stewart says:

    Just yesterday I received my first social security check. $1,018.00, less $200 for medicare (with a necessary supplement) leaves me $800.00 a month and 2 trips to Starbucks. I believe God has given you something and I’m interested in what you have to share. Minimum funds, Maximum Faith!

  123. Jim M says:

    Would like to know what and how to accomplish

  124. Michelle says:

    Financial burden with no savings since 2008. Would love to know more about your story

  125. Anthony says:

    I am frustrated by debt as well. The psychology of the debt cycle is equally destructive and needs to be broken. I can only hope there is a REAL solution here!

  126. Bill Harden says:

    Iam going broke fast 247,000.00 worth of debt Help Iam sinking fast

  127. Brittany says:

    I do not own a business. I am a stay at home mom and my husband is a full time student. Student loans keep piling up and it is getting scary and hard to know what to do next. I would LOve to know a way out of this, even something I can do while at home to lesson my husbands burden and our debt. Thanks

  128. Milly says:

    If I got out of debt I could start breathing again and not feel like I am constantly hyperventilating.

  129. steve says:

    There are a lot of touching stories here. I am honest in saying that if you have a system that works normally you dont advertise it. However I am interested in a genuine business opportunity

  130. Bill Lipe says:

    I retired a while back and the retirement funds were doing OK. Then the economy crashed due to rules placed on the banks to loan to people who should have never gotten them. Tying up that much money in housing issues crashed the economy and severely impacted my retirement funds. Lost a bunch of my funds due to the downturn of the economy, in addition the local house insurance company cancelled my insurance until I got a new roof! A very large amount of negative cash flow later I’m in debt like never before but I have a new roof and house insurance! Guess what? It’s impossible to get a job with everybody going out of business. Reassessing my budget, I decided to do what the president is doing. I’m borrowing more than I can afford to pay for and playing 90 rounds of golf in the next three years… OK… OK… I need some help too…

  131. Dee says:

    I am very disillusioned by the huge quantity of “debt consolidating” companies that take advantage of you…it’s hard to find someone to trust with advice…I would wholeheartedly welcome another alternative to ridding myself of a huge debt that plagues me with stress…I have always valued any advice or information you have given in the past and look forward to hearing whatever you have to contribute.

  132. Dick Miller says:

    I had 2 businesses,one at a time. In 1982 I saw 12 years of work destroyed when the economy crashed and I was wiped out. I lost everything. In 2008 I lost my job. Now our only income is social security. I started to write to write a blog and got great reviews, but it failed when I got sick and it has taken over 4 years to get my health back.

  133. s says:

    I am interested!

  134. Dot says:

    Yes Kevin,looking forward to hear your sharing and advice. Been working very hard being employed over 20 years but unemployed for few months due to injury. Meanwhile, i also own a weekend/hobby biz for 5 years now (but never seems to make me extra money instead tied on cash flows !!!!). Wanted to have a biz that could furnish me äutomatic cash!!!Can’t wait to hear your comments and advise pls! I joined couple online programs before and yet to have the life-style i want! Hope yours be the one i can share to others for a success story one day!

  135. Dhanny says:

    The world says : No such things as a free lunch. For debt broke people, free help is highly appreciated, especially if you got those wisdom and knowledge free from God. Thank you

  136. Pallavi says:

    Hi, my name is Pallavi and I have been working hard since many years teaching in school practising as a Pranic Healer, regularly doing meditation and awaiting for something which sounds automatic. I am very much interested to find out how this can be achieved.

  137. Bob says:

    Past business misadventures included victimization by a clever swindler, leaving my family debt that we managed, but barely. I’d like to eliminate that debt, and exchange constant worry for freedom, while at the same time avoiding the predators that seem to abound.

  138. Glen says:

    I feel like I can’t get of the conveyor belt of doom and gloom. I’m running out of options. HELP!

  139. Terry says:

    Wow, this is quite a cross section of problems! It tugs at my heart strings and makes me a little angry at the same time. I hope people understand the role of the government and the Federal Reserve system in all of this. It is the one underlying thread that ties all of this together. The cause is actually all rooted in the same place despite the difference in circumstances and age.

    Looking forward to the webinar.

    Meanwhile please google “Money as Debt” (There are 3 of them now and 1 and 2 can be watched for free online.). This video will explain how our current system works and why it is based on debt. Once you understand this, it will not surprise you to find out why so many of us are deeply mired in debt. You may be surprised to discover that it is no accident that things have worked out this way.

  140. Randy says:

    I am very interested. Money is indeed ‘tight’.
    Thank you Sir!

  141. Kerry says:

    There is always a way and finding it can seem difficult but being persistant is key! So if you have pulled yourself out of debt and are looking to create a income that opens doors how do you do it? If you do not have a lot of finances, do not want to go into debt and have enough income to make it by? BUT YOU HAVE THE DESIRE TO MAKE A SUCCESS OF YOURSELF AND CREATE A BETTER FUTURE!

  142. Bill says:


    Serious health concerns have temporarily slowed me down and I am ready to resume my life; however, major debts mean I need to learn a way to rid myself of my monetary limitations.

  143. Bill says:

    I am looking forward to learn from you and implement ideas into my plans.

  144. I am looking forward to the webinar.

  145. Carolyn says:

    The effect is 24/7. Thank you for caring and helping / teaching us to clear our debt.
    May blessings in abundance be yours, every day, Carolyn

  146. Tim says:

    Definitely need help with getting rid of debt. I know I have the mind to do it, too much clutter in my thoughts & life to get focused. Fear also plays a part

  147. DS says:

    I am in serious debt, wondering how the payments will be made, losing sleep grumpy with my wife and 2 daughters. If I was debt free that would be a tremdous relief. I would even give up the 20000 to get relief.

  148. Bryon Baker says:

    I hate to say it but this seems to be a season in which many need to consider serious downsizing, at least till they start seeing profits again. That said, I’m sorry for all who are struggling with massive debt that you couldn’t anticipate. I got out from under about $12,000 in 2008 & refuse to go back if I can help it. The road back involved some serious downsizing on my part, though. Kevin, this seminar could NOT come at a better time if you decide to put it on. (I hope you do!)

  149. Mark says:

    Wow, so many replies shows you how serious this problem is. I feel just one unexpected problem away from the doors crashing in around me. I take responsiblity for creating my debt. Definitely need some assistance in creating a way out of serious debt towards financial freedom. Thanks for helping Kevin.

  150. jody says:

    I’m very interested in your help. I have created an internet business but I can’t seem to get it off the ground.

  151. Rich says:

    I think this is great. Overwhelming debt is the number one problem in this country. I am working with an organization that has been developing for 7 1/2 years a unique method for quickly paying off debtthat will be released in March. It would be interesting to compare what they are doing with your experience. I am all for any method that helps a person pay off their debt.

  152. Tim says:

    I would really appreciate any guidance you could give. I have been in the rental and
    remodeling business for over 30 years. I had to get a large loan to buy out my non working sister in this family business and this has put a huge load on the business. I have read most of the comments above and many apply to me. I have also let my overhead become too large. When the contracting business got hit by the economy half of my income evaporated. I have contacted old customers and sent out mailers with little response.
    Again, anything you could offer would be a great help. Of course, I did buy your course, but I hate to say I haven’t done anything with it. Maybe I’ve answered my own question.
    Thanks for all your help.


  154. jai king says:

    I would like to know about this, I have had so many setbacks this year that not only is my business suffering, I am suffering and feel like I’m drowning. I don’t want to close my business and get a job, but it’s looking like that may happen. So, yes, please show me what I can do. Thank you so much! Jai

  155. Patti says:

    Hi Kevin, I would love to hear about this way to get out of debt, as long as it is a low monthly fee until I can get back on my feet. I just want an honest way to get out of debt, I do not want to be one of these people that ruthlessly suck money out of people by lying to them.

  156. Hi Kevin, I would love to hear about your way to get out of debt.

  157. bob says:

    Would be nice to get out of debt. Thanks.

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