Putting Family First

It was November 4th 2009, and I can remember the conversation like it was yesterday.

It was a no holds barred discussion with my good friend Joseph that evening, at a restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia.

A discussion that would change the course of my life.

My business was growing like crazy…

I was helping more people than ever before…

I was getting compensated better than I ever thought possible…

Yet there was still this HUGE empty feeling inside.

And the nagging question was – “WHY”?

Why did I have such a terrible feeling inside, when everything on the outside seemed to be going so well?

In the interest of saving time, I’ll spare you all the intimate details, and simply tell you what the problem was.

Even though my business was growing, and by anyone’s standards, I would’ve been considered massively successful, there was still this big problem.

I had absolutely no balance in my life.

When I was working, I felt guilty for not spending more time with my family.

And when I was spending time with my family, I felt guilty for not getting more accomplished with my work.

It was a vicious cycle, and something had to give.

At the time, Brock was 19 months old, and Elliana was due to be born in just 4 short months.

My concern was that the situation would only get worse.

It sure as heck wasn’t going to get any better… unless I made some major changes.

That’s what I thought anyways.


As it turned out, I only had to make one small shift, and by doing that, everything else seemed to take care of itself.

Joseph went through an intense process with me on that evening of November 4th, 2009, and without downplaying the incredible transformation that took place, I’ll share the same secret with you, that he shared with me.

Here it is:

“Live in the moment”.

Now, before you dismiss that, and say, “Is that all there is”, let me point something out.

And this is HUGE.

There’s a lot of people who pay this concept a whole lot of lip service, and do nothing more than that.

When Joseph laid this whole concept out for me, I decided that I was going to take it seriously.

And when I did, I saw an immediate and dramatic shift take place in my life.

The push and pull between my business and my personal lives vanished.

I no longer had this feeling of frustration inside.

Instead, I finally had a sense of peace, and knew that no matter what I was doing in any given moment, that it was the right thing to be doing at that time.

Talk about a heavy load being lifted off of you.

Today, when Brock comes racing into my office while I’m working, saying “Daddy, daddy, I want you to play with me”, there’s no more feeling of guilt.

I simply let him know what time I’ll be done, and I’ll play with him then.

And when that time comes, I’m true to my word.

When it’s “Brock Time”, the two of us can play, and play, and play… without a care in the world.

And I don’t have these crazy thoughts going through my head, telling me that I should be getting more things done at work.

My mind is crystal clear.

No matter what I’m doing, whether I’m at work or play, I’m completely living in the moment, knowing that that’s exactly what I’m supposed to be doing at that point in time.

Talk about liberating.

Try it, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

And if you already do this, share your experience with me.

I’d love to hear YOUR story.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

8 Responses to “Putting Family First”

  1. John Dabat says:

    Living in the moment has been a “saving grace” for me. By no means have I mastered or do I expect to completely be able to (Live in the moment)without effert and practice daily.I can take it back as fast as I receive it.I first became aware that I could live in the moment from a friend in a 12 step program. If I had to define living in the moment,I would have to say its almost a form of meditation for me. In the end the work is so much more easy and rewarding than letting the committee upstairs take care of everthing at once. Have a blessed day.

  2. Well, I could be called a work alcoholic, my husband thinks I spend way too much time on the Internet with advertising, writing blogs articles and everything else, so I have made a decision, as he works part time, I make sure that meal times are spent with him, we go out for dinner once a week and that is his time as well! He loves hockey, I don’t so we have an understanding that I work on the computer while he watches his games.

    So far it is all working out! I am an early riser whereas my husband gets up 2-3 hours after me, so I get dishes done, laundry done sometimes put my dinner together in a crock pot, there is always a way to ensure that the family members are happy with what you are doing when it comes to having a home based business. My husband doesn’t work at home, he is out on the road, so when he comes home for lunch and dinner it is important that I pay attention to him. Early mornings is also a good writing time for me as well as when the hockey games are on! You can always work something out, that both of you agree with, right now my children are grown and away from the home so that does not interfere, but I do like to spend time on a Saturday or Sunday or both with the rest of the family!

  3. Jean says:

    I thin what you’re saying is…”Trust your Self, in every moment. Listen to the intuitive voice within, follow the flow of your life that comes from that place, and let it give you the peace and sense of “rightness” of everything in your life.” I’m not always there, in fact, it is fairly rare still, during a day, but with a little awareness, practice, and attention, it is becoming more common. Thanks for this lovely reminder, and I love seeing the photo of you and your wonderful family.

  4. Bruce gillis says:

    Thank you, this is what I have been fighting with myself. I am constantly making myself wrong for not getting more done. At night I must present myself to the fact, that what I did is what I did that day and everything is just fine.

    Where I am is where I am and it is perfect place. Because of what I am doing now something incredible will happen in my life, some that is not on my radar screen now, something that I can’t see now, but it will.be so fanominal so incredible but right now THIS is where I am and everything is Perfect.

    Now, I must admit, that I am constantly reminding myself everthimg ok, not just ok, but great. So I stop giving my attention to what my life is like now and focus on where I’m going, what it feels like to be there and being Grateful for all things.

  5. Kevin says:

    hey Kevin- you totally NAILED it!! This one seemingly small thing makes all the difference for me when I apply it.

    My challenge is that I tend to let little emergencies pull me off track. And if I’m totally honest with myself, most of those emergencies come about due to lack of planning and proactive action on my part.

    So for me taking focused, proactive action really opens me up to more easily living in the moment, which is really the key to actually enjoying whatever I’m doing at any given time.

    Thanks for all you do-
    the other Kevin

  6. Tim oakes says:

    Hi KeV,
    You are right! Enjoying and living in the present
    moment is the best and only true way to go…
    Yesterday is gone and really tomorrow is not
    here and we don’t know what it will bring.
    Thanks for the good reminnder…

  7. Melvin says:

    Like you Kevin, I learned this valuable principle years ago, to always “be in the present”, and it certainly has brought a lot of peace and happiness into my life as well as the lives of my family and many others around me. To enhance this principle, I’ve also learned to smell the flowers along the way and take in everything around me wheather I’m in the Mountains, the Tropics or the Desert. There is beauty everywhere and so much going on all around us that few ever notice. While having breakfast with a friend one morning at a coffee shop I had never been in before, I saw everyone in there and knew practically everything that was going. Suddenly I saw a large woman starting into a seizure about 3 tables from me. I sprang from my seat and steadied her before she could fall and assisted her down to a horizontal position on the bench she had been sitting on. I had the lady at the next table get me some help from the manager. He called 911. Believe it or not, the 911 dispatcher sent the call to 4 EMT’s who were also having breakfast only 2 tables from me (opposite direction from the victum) who never knew what was happening until they got the call on their radio. They came right to my aid (there job) while everyone else nearby just looked on and everyone else had no idea there was an emergency situation right in their midst. The victum also had a small grandchild about 2 or 3, who also had to be cared for. Fortunately he had no idea what was happening, so he wasn’t the least bit afraid. Some times I just want to shout out to the world to WAKE UP TO THE WORLD AROUND YOU. Also Kevin, all 6 of my children have been taught these life living principles by their parents, especially their Dad.

  8. Delicia Holmes says:

    My biggest thing is trying to do too many things, when I have a schedule things do work a lot better and feel peace and not guilty, but even though There are days that I still start my days without my list of priorities
    Thanks for reminding me

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