When Stuff Hits The Fan

Things don’t always go as planned, in business or in life.

And sometimes stuff hits the fan!

Here’s a perfect and recent example of catastrophe happening in my own life and business, just last week.

As true entrepreneurs, we must improvise, overcome and adapt.

My question to you is this…

Have you had a situation in your own life or business where stuff hit the fan?

If so, I’d love for you to share that experience below.

The person who shares the most crazy and motivational experience is going to get a special gift from me.

Get ready… get set… GO!

Share your experience now.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

12 Responses to “When Stuff Hits The Fan”

  1. Nancy says:

    I was flying from Detroit to Bangalore, stopover in Mumbai, got on this massive Air India Flight and it was packed to the gills. I like to fly them because normally the plane is empty. I immediately asked to be upgraded but it was too late. SO I sat window seat with 2 very old people in outer seats, the woman could not move on her own. I am also vegan and had assumed I would get that on plane as Air India usually has veg jain food. This was not the case, so I ate nothing in the 15 hr plane ride save some nuts and fruit I brought along, I got out of my seat one time only, this other couple could not maneuver and I had a 13 hour layover in Mumbai! Disaster,,I was reading a book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself the entire trip, told myself to snap out of this pitiful poor me syndrome,,no food, couldnt move and having to sleep in Mumbai on the airport floor. I got to Mumbai and asked for some help, several times, what gate to go to and the man took me to a woman who was filling out paper work for me to sign which turned out to be a voucher plus taxi included to a hotel, dinner, and back to airport for early morning flight. AT the airport as I was boarding the flight the gentleman crossed off something on my ticket, and wrote something else, I boarded and was given seat 1A first class with the best Jnain Veg food, real tea and china!!! The moral of this is when things seem bleak and we have really uncomfortable situations to deal with, even being in foreign countries where language is a problem, and everything seems impossible, when you break the habit of your normal responses, circumstances can change and miracles happen. Life is always for us but we are not always for what life brings us:) Do not resist!

  2. Mahesh says:

    Yes , things are bound to happen , only we have to be up to date with the market , my biggest enemy is in myself is me alone & this is for a long long time , its my own laziness and so i am fed up
    One thing is for sure & the positive thing is i have the guts in me so i can move along anywhere i want to go , and i have over come with all the experiances of my journey of life , and my plan is i want to fiance my experiance , and the negative point is my own dullness

  3. Neill Neill says:

    Yes, occasionally, stuff does hit the fan for all of us. I’m no exception. Two years ago I was waiting in line at a traffic light and heard a loud crash. There had been a collision in the intersection. The accident sent one of the vehicles careening down between two lines of opposing traffic and crashed into my car head-on. Injuries seemed to be minor, but the next month as I sat down to write an article, I had a massive stroke which left my right side paralyzed . That was two years ago.

    In the interim I have had to reevaluate everything in my life and business. Last year I closed my psychology practice because it was taking more energy than I had to give.

    Now as I continue with my recovery program, I am busy creating, with the assistance of my coach, a new coaching program. I have plans to write another book.

    Life is good, but it hasn’t always unfolded as I thought it would.

  4. Ryan says:

    I don’t have a happy ending yet… yet. I’m working on that. I can feel that it’s there but I’m struggling to find it. It’s interesting that you started this post, Kevin, as things have really hit the fan for me.

    My life has been tipped upside down in the last 5 years:
    I had nearly everything: a wife, 3 kids, and a decent job. But I was constantly hiding, trying to fit in with whomever I was with. I was confused about life, God, and my true self. I secretly self medicated with alcohol. Finally, after nearly killing myself with booze I admitted that I had a problem and went through detox and got treatment. I started to explore new spiritual teachings and was on my way to finding myself.

    Then my wife met someone new a work and decided to leave me for him. That hurt and was a big shake up, but in a way was a relief because that marriage was not working anyway. I could not dig out of the depression though and my psychologist kept adding to my prescriptions.

    Happily, I found a new love, I’ll call her “L”, soon after and I ignored all warnings not to start a relationship while in recovery. Well, I thought I knew better. However, I started drinking again, thankfully not as much, but enough to seek treatment a second time just as things started to spiral out of control once more. In the process, L became pregnant and 9 months later we had a son.

    In the mean time I had to quit my stressful job as it was contributing to my drinking. I took a job for less money but with less stress. In the end, there was more stress because my boss ended up being crazy and we fell way behind in our bills. It’s amazing that we haven’t had to file for bankruptcy!

    Through all of the changes, I thought we were doing okay. We had our arguments but I thought we could pull it through. It always felt like we were on the edge of a positive breakthrough.

    I managed to get a new job this spring with much better pay. But then my ex hit me up for more money.

    L had finally had enough and told me she wanted to get a divorce. That was bad but I was in denial, thinking somehow we could make it work.

    Then the bombshell over the past weekend; I found out that L had been cheating on me earlier this year with a coworker. That caused me to wakeup. I have resigned to the fact that we will move forward with the separation and barring a change, will get divorced. I still feel we are soul mates and can put this back together in the long run. She’s seeking counseling and maybe will see the light. I don’t know. But maybe I’m still deluding myself. I’m going to give her space and move on. If she comes back, I’ll cross that bridge then.

    I’ve been feeling a pull towards organic farming and am trying to edge my way into the industry. Things seem to be lining up to make it a success but I’m only at the beginning of my journey and there is a lot of work to do ahead. The good news is that I’ve been sober for more than 3 years now and am closer to self realization than ever. I’m proud of myself and who I am. Despite all of the difficulties, these next couple of years are going to be huge for me! I just know it!

  5. Pamela Jones says:

    Kevin, you adapted well. The coaching call was interesting and it was okay that the lines couldn’t open. The call was very worthwhile.

  6. sarah littlefield says:

    I am a busy chiropractor and had 2 employees retire last July. I hired a new employee who was great worker and wonderful with patients. Come April she tells me she is leaving for 7-10 days to go New Jersey to adopt twins. So, I hired 1 gal to come help me for those few days my regular gal would be gone.She never showed up. Got another gal hired and next day her sister committed suicide and she was so distraught she called and would not be available to help me. I laid in bed praying that the good Lord would send me someone soon. Iwoke up the next day remembering an older patient of mine who kept asking me if she could help me in any way since her husband had passed away recently. I jumped up grabbed my clothes getting my blouse on backwards and flew down to my office to find Donna ‘s number. She was home since it was early and came in to help me that day. She is still here and best employee i have ever had.I never panicked just stayed focused on patients and all worked out well. All things are possible with the good Lord!

  7. Helena Bresk says:

    Ok Kev,, here goes!
    In October of last year(2013) I went on my first international( Huge Dream!!!) trip to the Galápagos Islands and the Andes mountains. This happened against all odds from great financial creativity, faith and guts. It was absolutely awesome and a glorious, miraculous time!
    That being said, the last day on our beautiful 16 person catamaran, I began to feel unwell.During the trip home, and for the following week, all I could do was sleep. My body was racked with pain and I couldn’t eat…
    Now, I must back track to remind you that I spent a large sum of money on the trip and was to really get my new business up and running when I got back with( hopefully!) some team members in place in Ecuador and the Galapagos.
    Well, for the next 3 months, I was critically ill,lost over 20 pounds ( not normally a bad thing, just don’t recommend this route) my doctors had no idea what was wrong and proposed treatments that felt intuitively wrong to me.
    So, in spite of level 10 migraines, horrible oozing sores everywhere etc!!! I got on a plane to Texas to meet with my mentor in the healing therapies I’ve been studying and upon which my future plan is based. I arrived in Texas in a bad state…
    The good, miraculous news is; with the help of this mentor, other natural health professionals, my own knowledge from 35 + years of study and pure grit and belief in these techniques; I am healing!
    My business is picking up, I’m getting through a nightmarish, deadly situation and I’ve learned invaluable skills with which to help others as well as myself to get well and age with grace and quality …

    By the way, I had 3 parasites and heavy metal poisoning some from overseas some from here in the US!
    It can happen anywhere, I now have tools for another health challenge that many will face…
    Onward and upward! The stuff really hit the fan!!! By the way, during this illness, I moved my entire household out if a bad situation and helped my parents move!

    Blessings to all! Helena

  8. hubert says:

    yes kevin stuff do happen but you know its not our stuff but the stuff that we are loan we can adapt to it that means we don”t fall to pieces because it affects what i mean is that a few days ago my family was in a three car accident they had to be cut out of the car they had broken bones but yes stuff happens what i mean no one got a citation from the state patrolman but i said all of that to say i had plans all lined up to do things i wanted to do but i had to put my plans on hold so that i could serve some one else so when stuff happens just remember we can over come with god help those plans or business that we was going to do they still will happen its just going to take a little more time than we anticipated the first time all i ask for your prayers that my family make a full recovery i am sure there was plans they had to but you know stuff happens

  9. willie says:

    yes not yet at the happy ending . Had a bad crop 10 years ago and at the same time my x was having an affair with someone in the church . She devorce me and I lost it all and went nearly insane with all there lies and did not see my children for 4 months. Cost me a lot on the farm . Then 4 years later not yet recoverd a hail storm hit the farm and I lost a lot . the next year to much rain caused that I could not plant in time . The next 3 years were dry and I sold a farm to pay my debt and know I am farming for my dad . Still there is not much light in the tonnel . Last week as I was down and out completely I read an ad of a garage and now I am trying to get founds to start up again with no money . It is an answer from time spent with GOD . plase pray with me for a good outcome and that I will get the founds to stsrt allover at 50 . thank you all an I believe we will getout of it all stronger than before

  10. Robyn Ellis says:

    Two months or so ago I was looking up stuff on google on my macbook pro whilst drinking a mug of tea and whoopsy, the entire mug of black tea with light soy milk ends up frying my laptop – it spilt across the entire keyboard and into everything. All my bookmarks, all my documents, photos – gone. Luckily I had only had my precious macbook pro for 2 months so it wasn’t years of work and thanks to iCloud I had photos stored. It is just the inconvenience and expense of it all you don’t really need. The hassle of getting your insurance, the quote to fix/replace, the time it takes to do all this and now having to share the desktop with my biz partner & hubby, losing the convenience of just whipping out the laptop and working on the sofa/kitchen table/while out waiting for my gym class etc… Then you have to reset the replacement one all over again. It is all time you would rather be phoning prospects or getting marketing out there and it takes your focus away. Lesson learned – don’t drink liquids around the laptop!! Kind of like when you drop your iPhone and smash the screen (we won’t go there either and I hope I never do that again either as it’s another important work tool) You can let these things beat you down, and I cried for a good 2 hours post the soaking. You just have to get up, dust yourself off and get to solving the issue as quickly as you can.

  11. Alfred Bates says:

    Hi Kevin: Please delete my previous discourse as I needed to edit it. Thanks! Alfred

    For me, the stuff hit the fan when I fell asleep behind the wheel of a big truck and plowed head-on into another big truck at a speed of approximately 40mph. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in the mishap save a minor bruise and ache I sustained to my left forearm.

    I am a truck driver by trade and about three years ago, while on my route at around 4am, I was nearing my destination to pick up a load when I began to battle a serious case of drowsiness.

    The event culminated when the sleepiness overcame my willpower as I helplessly surrendered to its unforgiving woes.

    As I continued to drive, my last recollection was that of crossing a railroad track en route through an industrial area. Thank God that I was not traveling on a major thoroughfare!

    After blanking out I had awakened to somewhat of a violent crash. To my chagrin I realized what had happened.

    The stuff had hit the fan! I had run head-on right smack dab into the cab of a tractor-trailer. The blessing was that the truck was parked. However, the driver of the truck and his wife was sitting in the truck and saw the whole event unfold right before their eyes. Needless to say, they were definitely NOT happy campers after witnessing this crash up close and personal.

    Working 12-hour days the previous three months with not much rest (and, not to mention being in violation of DOT regulations), I felt like an absolute “zombie.”

    So, after being written up by the police for careless and negligent operation of a commercial vehicle I got some rest before resuming the final four hour trek of my route; in a replacement vehicle, of course, since the other one was totaled.

    Afterwards, my employer reduced my driving hours and I made certain that getting proper rest was at the top of my agenda.

  12. Bryan says:


    Have you ever had a close friend that was suffering that you wish you could help?

    I grew up with a boyhood friend John who was abandoned by both his mother and his father at a young age. We became friends as young teenagers in my old home town of Laconia, New Hampshire – (Laconina is a popoular summer resort for many people in the north east – perhaps you have been there?)

    Back in the late 70’s Laconia was a quiet place and in our free time we would walk in the mountains or play a board or video game together. I always felt so much compassion for John – he was living and being raised by his elderly grandmother and never heard from his mother or father, even on his birthday or holidays. I always did my best to support him, to have him know I cared for him and let him know that he would grow up and have a successful profession and a happy family…and that one day his parents would come looking for him and wish to have a relationship with him.

    It was difficult for me to see my friend cry knowing how he felt over his missing parents…I defended him in high school (he was a skinny and small boy and was always being picked on by the school bully’s) and acted as his protector. We had our disagreements at times yet we always worked things out between us and I always let him know that I loved him and was there for him.

    John grew to be 6’6″ and a confident, muscular 230 pound man. He often would stand up for me.

    John went to school and became a software engineer….then, several years ago, he told me his father had contacted him and wanted to know him. John was adamant that he would never speak to his father again – I enrolled John in the possibility of forgiving his dad and what his relationship with his dad would look like if he would give up his resentment and speak with him.

    Shortly afterward, he spoke to and forgave his mom.

    Last year at the age of 47, John met the love of his life Tara, and recently had a baby boy. His mom and dad call and visit him regularly and he has an amazing relationship with them. I am so happy for my friend – he has a wonderful life and he deserves it…when he acknowledged me for being there for him and standing for him having a great life all these years it just filled me with love and joy from him…

    He never forgot our friendship, so recently when I could not pay the taxes on my property he came and gave me the money – interest free. Now I am the luckiest man in the world to have such a great friend like John and I am blessed with this wonderful man who calls me his friend and who continues to stand for me having a great life.

    Making a difference for others is a gift that gives back to you – it is what we all truly want to do for others deep down…isn’t it?

    Thanks for reading my story about my friend.

    Yours truly,
    Bryan Waite

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