How To Stand Out Like A Sore Thumb

Most business owners are afraid of competition in their marketplace.

But, when you know the secret I’m about to reveal, you’ll be able to laugh in te face of your competition.

Truth is, you’re going to eat em alive.

The most important business skill you can develop is how to write the kind of ad that will leave your competitors in the dust, wondering what in the heck happened.

Let me show you an example from one of my own projects.

I’ve reprinted some ads for you below.

As I write this, this is a small sampling of the classified ads are currently running on a website called (which I’ve been advertising on for over a year).

I’m only showing you a few of the ads here. When you go to the website there are actually 67 classified ads on the page, yet my ad sticks out like a sore thumb… because it’s different than every other ad on the page.

See if you can tell which ad is mine.

= = =

A CANDLE LOVER’S DREAM BUSINESS FROM HOME. Hot new line of Natural Clean Burning Gourmet Soy/Veg Candles, Over 90 Irresistible Scents. 3 Fun Ways to earn; Retail, Fundraising, Team Building. Award Winning Team and Coaching, FREE INFO AND SCENT PACKET!

= = =


= = =

MOMS HELPING MOMS WORK FROM HOME- You CAN Have Financial Freedom, Time For Your Kids and LOVE What You Do. Flexible Home Business where you can work around your schedule without selling, parties or risk.

= = =

WARNING! – Don’t Look At Any Business Opportunity Until You Get This Free Report “What 99.999% Of Stay At Home Moms Don’t Know, And Will Never Find Out About Making $5,000 To $10,000 A Month With Their Own Home-Based Business”… Click Here Now To Get Your Free Copy

= = =

Distributors Needed. Make money with over 3,000 products. New products every month. Free dropship service, no minimum orders. Fully stocked websites available with no monthly hosting fees! Plus, color catalogs and brochures. Excellent Opportunity! Click here now!

= = =

You’ll notice that all of the ads (except my own) in the example I just gave you is trying to convince the reader that their business is the best.

I’m the ONLY ad on the page that’s taken a “consumer advocate” standpoint.

I’m the ONLY one who’s actually offering to help the reader in their quest for a home business.

As a result, this little ad works incredibly well for me.

You’d think that after a year, some of the other advertisers would catch on to what I’m doing, but they don’t.

And that’s good news for me, because this little ad (which is only $25 a month) works like CRAZY.


Realize that competition is a very good thing. It means that people are buying what you have to offer.

Then, look at what your competitors are doing, and do the complete opposite. You’ll stick out in the crowd like a sore thumb, and your ad will work like crazy.

If you liked this little business secret, I’ve got plenty more where this one came from.

In fact, I’ll be revealing a boatload of em on my next teleseminar.

Plan on joining us by Going Here.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Dedicated to your success,

Kevin Thompson

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