The “JV Jedi” Speaks Out

Since June of 2007 I’ve built my business through a process called “joint ventures”… also referred to as “JV’s”.

In that time I’ve done hundreds of JV projects, made a positive impact on millions of people’s lives, and made millions for my efforts.

Since you’re reading this, there’s a 97% chance that you heard about me from one of these joint venture projects… meaning that someone you already knew (and had a great relationship with) introduced you to me.

Needless to say, I’ve gotten really, REALLY good at doing what I do.

I’ve perfected a JV system that works every single time and produces consistent financial results.

I’ve perfected a system that attracts the very best A-List JV partners, and gives them 3 HUGE self-serving reasons to help me spread my message.

I’ve perfected a system that delivers incredible value to the clients I serve, and allows me to completely transform their life.

These days, people who have experienced doing a project with me first-hand or who have heard about the success I’ve had in this area refer to me as the “JV Jedi”.

Many of them have suggested that I begin sharing my unique process with others.

Funny thing is, I’ve been cruising along (since June of 2007), doing my thing… using this unique JV process to get my message out to the world in a really big way… fine-tuning the system as I go, so that it now produces consistent, predictable and reliable results every single time…

…yet …until now … I’d never really thought about sharing this process with others.

Maybe it’s high time I did.

Watch the short video above, and let me hear from you.

Should I begin sharing my “JV Jedi Process”.

Is this something you’d get value from?

As always… if this is something you want, I’ll get to work and make it happen.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
”The Automatic Income Coach”

131 Responses to “The “JV Jedi” Speaks Out”

  1. Ani says:


    I think I would like to know more about JV’s.

  2. Alison Scott says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I’m about to launch my first ever product and while I have a few JV partners ready to work with me. It’s always great to have more help and viewpoints.

    So yes please I would love to hear abot your unique process!


  3. susan tonkin says:

    I am in Australia and I am trying to get my creative writing training business off the ground. The course I teach is online as well as in a classroom and distance learning. I have run this course for over ten years at two community colleges in Sydney but can’t seem to have it work here where I an living. I am currently on the mid north coast of New South Wales. I don’t expect you to come over to Australia but if you could find someone who would want to joint venture with me it would be great. Thank you Kevin.

  4. John says:

    Hey Kevin,

    This JV capacity is the piece that will be a total complement to my Pay-It-Forward Earth Happiness Project. Count me in even if I’m the only one who replies.

  5. S. Tina Tara says:

    Yes please lets do this!!

  6. I too would like to JV and would be interested in knowing what your coaching will cost.

  7. Hi Kevin,

    Yes, I would be interested in knowing what makes you the JV Jedi! How would this be different than your current affiliate program, which I’m also a part of?



  8. Rosalyn Carter says:

    Yes Kevin, I’d be interested.

  9. Kevin says:

    I have witnessed you develop and use this process for years first hand.the force is strong with you JEDI! show us how!

  10. Veronica says:

    Yes I am interested. Thank you.

  11. Venetia says:

    Hi Kevin – I seem to get a ton of email from people or groups (and their companies) that promote others – including you! It would seem Ito me that if all these successful people are doing it there must be something to it. Count me in!

  12. Praveen Agarwal says:

    Hi Kevin

    I also want to become a JV JEDI like you.Please share more information on JV’s.

  13. I’d like to know more. I have been a career and life coach for many years and always looking to reach out to more people. You can see my information on Facebook, Sande Foster.

  14. I should like to have more info about joint venturing.

  15. Moon says:

    Hi Kevin

    I also want to become a JV JEDI like you.Please share more information on JV’s.
    Sande Foster-Berkowitz says:

    I’d like to know more. I have been a career and life coach for many years and always looking to reach out to more people. You can see my information on Facebook, Sande Foster.

  16. Tom says:

    Hey Kevin
    How do you do a JV when you don’t have a product. I have some products
    available that belong to other people. I guess I have to slowly build
    a list, ask my customers what they want, develop a product, then look
    for JV candidates. It would be great to do a JV somehow that would let
    me build my list, and make money too.

  17. Cheryl Truesdale says:

    Everything I’ve learned from you so far has proven to be amazingly valuable and effective. I am about to launch my website ( thanks to your great coaching) and know that anything you teach me about joint ventures would be absolutely incredible and effective for getting me great results!! So,please, by all means, share your great knowledge! We need to hear from an expert like you 🙂

  18. Nelson says:

    I have been introduced to the power of JV’s for a while now and would like to know more of your take on them.

  19. Anne James says:

    Does this JV partnerships work with network marketing businesses?

  20. Spencer says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I would like to know more about this!


  21. Bill Brenneman says:

    I believe this would be a real contribution to newbies like me especially.

  22. I would be interested in exploring JV

  23. Kim says:

    Yes, I would like to here about it. Thank you.

  24. Kip Scott says:

    Hi Kevin. Yes I would love more information about joint ventures. Its sounds like very important information and a must have if I want to grow my business. Thanks!

  25. Ken says:

    Yes, if you spell out clearly what types of products can be promoted this way. Physical product? A business opportunity?

  26. thomas says:

    how are people doing on your original work.why is there a need for something else to try.

  27. Yep def a problem area of mine

  28. Curt Hampstead says:

    Yes I would like it as I am desperate and need some direction

  29. Cindy says:

    I’m always interested in learning more…..

  30. Bill says:

    Sure! Share it.

  31. JV is an interesting partnership. Please more info about it.

  32. Jack Hadley says:

    I think it would be a great idea. It’s a win win situation for everybody.

  33. Emilio J Torres says:

    Certainly. I am about to launch a new business and can use all the help and guidance. What are the costs and parameters.


  34. Roger Risner says:

    Hello I to have used JV and LP to work long term projects.

    Yes I would like to see more simple small projects done by many service people,
    with the price of gas many small service company’s have limited their coverage
    area, but with the right coaching and the same tools they already have there is
    work (projects) in their area.


  35. Jim says:


    I would be interested in learning more about JVs.

  36. Murray & Gloria Anaka says:

    I think that JV’S are a great way to go, we would like to get started yesterday.

  37. Rina says:

    Yes, I would like to know more

  38. Dan says:

    Kevin how are you ? Yes count me in.

  39. Emeka says:

    Hey Kevin
    I think this idea will add more Dollars to my pocket. I’m in Real Estate in Texas. Having JV will be great support.

  40. Gerry says:

    Kevin, I GREATLY admire your enthusiasm and generosity AND I am interested, however I’m currently quite limited in pc skills, and even the most basic of business acumin, etc. STILL, I do have a very audacious, ambitious BUT altruistic Bucket List and seek a like-minded support system to help fulfill it.

  41. Nancy says:

    Yes please. All your expertise is appreciated.

  42. Kevin your JV idea has obviously helped people to succeed in developing their businesses and it would great if you are prepared to share your formula.

  43. Briana says:

    ABSOLUTELY! Please share the process with us, Kevin. I have done much research on the subject, but I need your help! I am ready and willing to do all the work that needs to be done. I absolutely realize the value in joint ventures and partnering. Please send me some information on this. I can’t afford an investment in it right now, but what I lack in finances I make up for in time and willingness.

    Thank you!!
    Many blessings to you and your family,
    Best Regards,

    P.S. I was just thinking this morning about how I want to Joint Venture into exactly what you’re doing right now, but I didn’t yet know how to get started. How many of there are you doing just this? This must have been my sign. I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks again.

  44. Let the force be with you . Keep up the good work

  45. Shimon says:

    Yes like to know about it

  46. Yes! Yes! Yes! I absolutely want to hear about the entire JV process that will attract ideal partners with big influence to bring value to the table. I want to learn from you! Want to create massive income and provide value to others at the same time. Yippy!

  47. ANTHONY says:

    Do the event. An excellent opportunity.

  48. Hi Kevin, that sounds like an excellent and very valuable idea!

  49. Karen says:


  50. Larry Sawell says:

    Definitely yes. soup to nuts. There must be thousands of people needing a little boost towards fulfilling a dream.

  51. Karen says:

    My business will start soon and could use the boost!!

  52. G E says:

    Yes, please share it! I know I need the funds a J.V. would provide me, so I imagine others would too.

  53. Dana says:

    Yeah, Kevin, I’d benefit from learning and applying this process from you and will look for the opportunity to do so real soon. Right?

    Haha, Thanks.


  54. Gary Labute says:

    Do it!

  55. Mike says:

    Hey Kev,
    WAY to busy to give JV any time in the next six months. Just put two sites on the web and they need fine tuning and also need to setup two squeeze pages. Plus I signed up for the APPZINE program. Thanks, for your recommendation….. Do you have any WordPress experts out there? I need to tweak these sites, and I’m afraid I’m going to screw them up….
    Keep in touch.

  56. Debra says:

    I need to know more about your JV Jedi. Does it cost anything to join? Because right know I am in so much dept I can’t see over the water. If you know what I mean.

  57. Kathy Earley says:

    I have considered joint ventures before would like to know your ideas on how to make it work best. I do love to share things of value like how I lost 65 lbs and sharing what I’ve learned about Alkalinity. I even thought about video blogging like you do. You are amazing! You make it look easy. Thanks for sharing. Kathy Earley 208-680-4029

  58. Steven says:

    Sure I would like to know how you do JVs. It is always nice to learn about additional revenue streams.

  59. Fred says:

    Everyone is talking about so many new procedures, it is hard to make a decision. I have tried a couple with no positive results

  60. Tim says:

    This is all new to me and I am looking for somewhere to start so yes I’d be interested.

  61. Joya says:

    I am interested.

  62. Pat E says:

    Yes Kevin I am interested and would like to hear more.

  63. lCliff Tedder says:

    I’d certainly be interested. Count me in.

  64. Stephen Okolo says:

    I wish to really make a diff. What everyone is say is like a new tin to me.
    I live in Nigeria.
    I dont if all dis will work here.
    I am victim of lots of wrong.
    I have miss lots of opportunities,countless opportunities.
    I will b glad if u coyld help me in anyway if i know or find out it worked i will pay twice the orginal price. I promise.
    This is me.

  65. Kathey says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I would like more details please.

  66. I would like to know more
    Thank You!

  67. Christopher says:

    Sure! Let us know !

  68. Robert D. says:

    Yes i’m interested but don’t have anything setup yet. very interested thanks

  69. Beverley Hines says:

    Hi Kevin:

    You know I am a new-comer, and already you have become my No.1 person in terms of respect, trust and leadership. I am so excited, I can hardly wait to hear more about your JV ideas. Really feels good to have someone like you as my mentor.

  70. Carol says:

    Yes I am interested

  71. James Stromme says:

    I would like to know about JV’s. Please tell us more about the program.
    Thanks, Jim

  72. miriam says:

    ok but will like to know more abt jv

  73. John says:

    Absolutely!…do it up Kevin, I think it’s unanimous

  74. Steve says:

    I would like to JV. I have no product, website, list or anything, but am teachable and very willing to do whatever it takes to build a stream of income.

  75. Nevenka says:

    Hi Kevin ,I am all yours,

  76. robert says:


  77. Joe says:

    I’m open to your options.

  78. Kazz1 says:

    Yes I would be intersted, two (or more) heads are better than one!

  79. Joe says:

    I’m open to your options of opportunity.

  80. YES I am interested in your JV Option. I am an Architect and Water Technology Consultant/Distributor with: with products that save substantial operational costs for all building types. I have completed several hundred million USD financing for my client and own investments and interested in Real Estate Development Options. If you wish due diligence documents on our HydroFLOW Technology & Products, just send me an Email

    James Follensbee

  81. Spencer says:

    I answered earlier up the page that I was intrigued by what I heard though I have no idea what it is all about. Once you are ready to go just clue me in and I will go from there.

  82. Peggy Roupe says:

    Yes, Kevin, I am interested in learning more about joint venture projects. Thank you for asking our opinions.

  83. Aileen Smith says:

    In 2011 I paid for all the materials that you offer and bought into the joint venture. I have not developed the business due to health issues, etc. However, I already paid and am willing to see if somehow I can do this once and for all…

  84. Eileen says:


    I am very interested in JV.

    Thanks, Eileen

  85. Ray Myers says:

    Yes, I have an internet based business that I would love to show to you. I’m in need of some business partners and was hoping you could help me.


    Great move,do it!!!!Any successful marketer knows third party referal selling is the best..keep it up.The fee I paid to become involved is one of the investments I’ve made in the last 30 plus years


    Great move,do it!!!!Any successful marketer knows third party selling is the best..keep it up.

  88. Theva says:

    Hi Kevin
    I am working on a new business venture and would love some info on JV

  89. Fran says:

    Sounds good.

  90. Kevin says:

    Yes, I’m interested in hearing more about JV’s.

  91. Summer says:

    Yes, I am curious.


  92. Roger says:

    Yes, I would like to know more.
    Thank you

  93. Carlin says:

    Yes, yes, yes! I’ve been extremely interested in JV’s since I first heard you talk about them. Please go forward with this. And thanks for all!

  94. RJ Lemoine says:

    Sounds like an excellent idea to me Kevin! I look forward to hearing & learning more!

  95. Carolyn C Hughes says:

    Kevin, Yes! please.
    Thanks! Carolyn

  96. Soozannah S. says:

    Hi…At the moment, I have a few very select, very exclusive men’s winter coats (I live in California and there is not much of a market for these extremely excellent and warm overcoats). These are designer label coats such as Armani, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren. They were owned by my Uncle, very well to do and who also took excellent care of these garments (I mean these are virutally new). They were quite expensive as well and I’d like to get at least 1/2 of their cost. So I need a market. Tried ebay and while I sold a pair of Edward Green shoes, not much luck on the coats. So, yes, if you could introduce me to your friends in New York, that’d be just what the doctor ordered.

  97. Brenda says:

    OK! I paid for your help to get me a business started. I could not pay everything up front. I am making a blog on my power point to share for free! Then I am building a business that I need a little loan, about $1500, for.

  98. Laura C says:

    I am not interested in this “opportunity” because I feel you charged my credit card for things I never gave you permission to do.

  99. Ronn Cochran says:

    Kevin, I’d love to learn how to do this

  100. Moreland S. says:

    The relationship is key. And, even more important is the trust in the relationship.
    The product must be high quality, there is too much junk being hyped out there.

  101. Andy says:

    Yes I am interested. I bought your auto income system almost a year ago. I have not been able to build it yet but will soon have the opportunity.

  102. Eva says:

    Yes sounds interesting I would like go hear about it.

  103. John Arting says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I believe strongly in developing JV relationships and would value finding out how to leverage your JV partners for our mutual benefit.

    Thank You for the offer to connect.
    John Arting

  104. dirk says:


  105. Joy says:

    Yes, Kevin, go for it. You have a gift for presenting things in a way that makes folks feel that “if he can be successful with this then maybe I can also”. Looking forward to your techniques. Thank you.

  106. Robert says:

    Lets do it….

  107. Veronica says:

    I hear about JV partnerships all the time- I would love to learn more about it!

  108. Wow! get it on. i’m in. Thanks in advance Jedi

  109. Keleigh Britton says:

    Hi Kevin yes please i will be intrested to find out i living in england is it still ok?

  110. Kevin,

    The JV concept seems pretty straightforward, but I definitely have interest in learning more about how to structure the deals with prospective JV partners, as well as any applicable negotiating tactics that are helpful.



  111. Mihaela Nedelcu says:

    Hail, Kevin! Sorry, I’m not interested in JV’s, it is not specific in Romania, but I wish you good luck!

  112. Hi, Kevin. It is quite obvious there are many of us who want and need this kind of help. Should this be part of the original program?

  113. ijeoma says:

    I am interested

  114. will siech says:

    Tell me more

  115. Susan Scott says:

    Anything that is going to help me reduce my workload and increase revenue is worthwhile knowing about and trying. I’m interested. Thanks Sue

  116. Hi Kevin–I signed with you several months ago to do a JV and definitely am still interested in learning everything I can. Love,Patricia

  117. Hi Kevin–just left you a comment that I signed with you several months ago to do a JV and am definitely interested in learning!

    My comment went “up” and then disappeared so am trying again. Don’t want to miss out on anything. Love, Patricia

  118. atama s. harri says:

    All efforts to listen to the JV JEDI Speaks Out has proved abortive.

  119. Nedra says:

    I think this might be a great idea

  120. Andrew says:

    I think it could be very helpful to know the nuts and bolts of the process!

  121. Jan says:

    Just started your automatic income system, is this the same thing? J

  122. Ken Ewing says:

    Yes, I am definitely interested in this topic. I am currently struggling to figure out what exactly I can offer on my website given the topic of my focus. So I would specifically be interested in hearing about how to generate ideas for JVs.

  123. atul says:

    nterested, more info is needed

  124. lourdes says:

    I’m not ready yet. I’ve not been able to get started with the Automatic Income System, but hope I will eventually.

  125. Andy says:

    Hey Kevin,
    I’m in. You always bring us the best stuff so let’s do it.

  126. Jan Cerasaro says:

    Hi Kevin, I would love to know how you do your JVs. I know you have had great success and would like to add that feature to my business.

  127. Louise-NJBL says:

    Yes Kevin, I am definitely interested in learning this.

  128. Joshua says:

    I would love to hear more about JVs and your Automatic Income System.

  129. Nazema says:

    Yes, I am in the process of putting a programme together on self-discovery and well-being. I am currently “testing” it on my family, i.e. sisters, their husbands and all our kids.

    So this will be very helpful.

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