Partnership Secrets Revealed

Simply put, a partnership is where two or more people (or entities) join forces, so that together, they can take advantage of opportunities… that left to their own, neither party could ever get access to.

A perfect example of this is McDonalds and Chevron.

These two companies have joined forces, and the end result is the McChevron that has now become a common sight in many communities.

Since 1996, it’s been a marriage made in heaven, and both parties have profited enormously.

I too have been doing partnerships (on a smaller scale) since 2007.

In fact, partnerships have been a major source of new clients for me.

Chances are, if you’re a client, you originally heard of me because I formed a partnership with someone.


That someone, who you already knew and trusted, introduced you to me, and once you and I got to know each other, you decided that what I had to offer was a perfect match and fit for you.

As a result, you chose to invest in what I had to offer.

I know, I know… you’re probably thinking to yourself, “He sure is being awfully candid here”.

Well brace yourself, because I’m about to get MORE candid.

Because you chose to invest in what I was offering, the partner who originally introduced the two of us got compensated.

They got compensated anywhere from 25-50%.

And rightfully so.

Without their introduction, you and I never would have met.

It was a win-win-win situation for everyone involved, and it’s so humbling for me, knowing that I’m able to do business this way.

On a few occasions over the last 4 years, I’ve offered existing clients the opportunity to partner with me, but only on a very limited scale.

But come next week, that’s going to change.

If this is something that interests you, be sure to keep an eye out for the email I’ll be sending you on Monday morning.

In continuing with my effort of being completely open and candid, I’ll let you know right now that I’m going to accept a handful of new Strategic Business Partners next week.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

7 Responses to “Partnership Secrets Revealed”

  1. Arlene Eddy says:

    Kevin……..I have not received my package from you yet but I expect it will be here this week. I am really looking forward to your announcement on “Partnerships” next Monday.
    Until then, I am going thru your archives and learning what I can from them

    Thank you Kevin.


  2. Bill says:


    I have just received my package and I am busy devouring it at this moment. Looking forward to your Mail for Monday. Want to get started right away

  3. Wilma and William Greenwood says:

    Hi , Kevin and Family , it was ” GREAT ” speaking to you on the phone and we look forward in receiving all your materials , especially on ” PARTNERSHIP “. Kevin , we are looking forward in meeting you at your home and what you have planned for us …….. we are very excited about the whole meeting with you . The wife ( Wilma ) will not be attending as someone has to hold down the fort. Wilma wanted to come ……however , with the partnership in the plans and us working with you , Wilma has stated that she will soon meet you and your wife and family in the near future. March 26 Saturday , 2011 , when we will pick up the materials. Thank you Kevin for having us for this exciting opportunity that will change our lifes and hope in the near future change our both daughters lives as well . Rose and Denice and Rose my daughter will be with me on the two days. and three nights Plan to go home on Sunday , April 03 , 2011. Again, Just do not know what to say Kevin , what a great opportunity you are about to give us , Wilma and Willliam

  4. Kenneth Peck says:


    I have been a client for over a year and bought a partnership back in July of 2010. I’m ashamed to say I have not followed up yet.I went with Storesonline and now have two websites just getting ready to go up. I still believe in what you are doing and my real passion is for getting affiliated with yours ie Frontsight, TFT etc. I really would like to get up to speed with the partnership but am just learning about marketing. One day I will claim that 1/2 hour chat with you and hope to be an asset to you and your affiliates. I guess your latest partnership is offering more than I got almost a year ago.

    To your continued success
    Ken Peck Colorado Springs 719 531-7880

  5. Paul says:

    Hi Kevin
    I have not received my package yet but I have been looking through the quick start stuff (sorry cant think of a better word) while listening to the Quick start you mention, Does this site still exist as I keep being redirected to a Yahoo advertising site.
    The system looks great and I am keen to get started however I am struggling so feel I may have to wait for the package to arrive.

  6. Hey Paul,

    I just sent you a private email with additional details.


  7. Susannah says:

    Hi Kevin

    Yes, have tried a lot. But got nowhere. I liked your partnership with Bill Harris. I’ve not the first idea yet how to ‘get going’, and the amount of information available is, or could be, mind blowing, if I let it. So my plan is to keep it as simple as possible, follow the lead you give me, do the necessary work, and with any stumbling blocks I might encounter … ask! I shall give focused attention for at least one hour five days a week, on looking at some of the web sites you’ve given us, e.g. seobooks, and by the time my package comes at least have learnt a smidgeon.

    So, many thanks, I feel good about this, and will stay with it.
    Best wishes.

    PS The You Tube video on Vissionaries – can’t remember – the name is brilliant – and horribly true. So wake up humanity.

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