Are You Better At Giving Than Receiving?

If you’re better at giving than you are at receiving, you’re REALLY going to appreciate this.

By not openly receiving from others, we shut down the flow of all the great things we deserve to experience.

And I speak from personal experience on this.

I used to be SOOOO bad at receiving.

But I’ve got much better over the years.

Don’t worry about entering your name and email below.

Instead, tell me if you’d like to have me share the three experiences with you so I can help you get a lot better at receiving and attracting an abundance of great things into your life.

If there’s enough response, I’m happy to share!

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

31 Responses to “Are You Better At Giving Than Receiving?”

  1. Dana austin says:

    This is clearly my topic of the day. I am interested in your take on this biggie. Thank you.

  2. joao oliveira says:

    please help me

  3. Albert Jose says:

    Hello Kevin!! I can’t wait for the 3 videos you will share with us, I need to learn how to receive more. It’s like my pride doesn’t allow me to receive and I’m always just giving and giving. Thanks for everything you are doing.


  4. Charles says:

    I also use to be that way,then I read a great book by Florence Scovel Shinn, called the Game of Life and How to Play It. Even though she lived (1871-1940) in a different time than ours, the message is still the same.
    God Bless, Charles E. Hughes

  5. Pragya says:

    I would be interested in this. Receiving seems like a favour, but giving is so much easier. A 50-50 relation is something whose value cannot be overstated.

  6. Tina says:

    Yes, I want to know more about receiving.

  7. Gerardo says:

    Always happy to receive your advices

  8. Bill Cook says:

    yes I wood like to hear your experiences.

  9. Tina says:

    I am a great giver and would love to hear more on the receiving. I need balance, thanks 🙂

  10. Mercedes Pelaez says:

    Giving feels better!
    Because giving, especially giving without expectation of reciprocity (which is focusing on our own needs), connects us to others and helps us feel secure as a result. So giving in this way is far superior to receiving.Thanks Kevin

  11. Vivian says:

    I’m interested.

  12. Scott Powell says:

    Kevin just watched a guy do a case study. He had 10 folks give him 1500 bucks. Over 9 weeks they generated 667,000 dollars in monthly recurring income. Great teacher right? Ok the snap suggestion in this comment comes now…ready? Dumb businessman!! You tell me Kevin if he had trained those folks as business assets and went into business with them…instead of selling his great advice, why not go into business with those folks and get 20% ongoing. If dude had done this he would be making 135,000 a month instead of 15k once!!! Which is smart and which is so dumb it is hard to fathom? You are a forward thinker and seem to be a good dude! Could you explain to me why dudes that can sell their talents once instead of doing it in a way that makes them more money? I see guys all the time now saying they had 200 clients and fired all but 20 or so. They downsized but are making more money with less clients. I do not understand why the coaches like yourself have not figured this out yet? McDonald’s don’t sell the manual once and say good luck!!! Lol I sold u my stuff and the huge odds are you wont make a dime but the money is in the list so I am going to sell you mo stuff!!!!! It is insane Kevin. But training assets that every time they make money you do too seems to make more sense, don’t it? So that is what I want to know. Are you willing to receive more money from transplanting what you know into others or not? Thanks Scott Powell 919 548 2437

  13. Vince says:

    I know the bible says to “give and you shall receive” but most of us, I think, feel unworthy to receive.

  14. Joseph says:

    I am a giver, to an extreme. Looking forward to the videos to give more balance to the giving vs receiving. Thanks.

  15. Mary S says:

    I kinder believe that’s me in a sense and it’s not easy to break that habit

  16. Kathy Gibbs says:

    Is this a work from home opportunity? Kathy

  17. Sharon Huntley says:

    It’s automatic; anyone need anything, come to MAMA Sharon cause she doesn’t know how to turn off giving. An evangelist at a church I use to go to tried to give me a gift and I said, “Oh No I can’t take that.” She said, “You know what your problem is; you are so use to giving to everybody else, that you don’t know how to receive.”

  18. Vickie says:

    I am interested

  19. Col Dunn says:

    Hello there Kevin, that was just so cool doing that clip in the underground walk by-pass.

    Now talking about giving and receiving, I would like you very much to get hold of Dr Mark Strengler book The Encyclopaedia of natural healing it is 356 pages of just wonder research and advise. It cannot be procured by the fact it is banned in Australia for whatever reason, and it is by way of a sub’, should you get that for me and post it on to me at my address of which you have and invoice me the same, it would be most appreciated young man, I off now to the dentist and a break from the family chores here, Miss you greatly Kevin, and sad I’ don’t have a web site up as yet. Maybe soon I hope. talk soon col Dunn TheIcyColMan here in sunny Qld Australia alive and well and breathing 4 U.

  20. Duane says:

    I wanna receive

  21. Ozie says:

    I’m interested

  22. Ted says:

    sure Im open to your videos

  23. sushena says:

    It is blessed to give than receive as admonished by OUR LORD JESUS

  24. Bina says:

    😉 bloody fuck yeah lolz 😉 tooo true mate n finally I can actually access u 😉 u no I use to go tooo summits to actually learn n if gift interests me I’d get it 😉 lately there waz four summit I waz on that I muddle my way thru which were upto 40 mins n subjects were diverse but interesting one on speaking, one on social media, one mums online n last purely writers oh yah last one difficult tooo access cause updated iPhone 6ios n apps now 8+iOS…. Tc xxxxoooo kp well n safe mine n angelz blessingz n protection alwayz 😉

  25. david steinberg says:

    Please send receiving videos. thanks

  26. Grant says:

    Yes for sure

  27. Marianna says:

    Stuck on: ….it’s better to give then receive.

  28. Gary says:

    This topic turned up right on time for me. I’m in. I was always concerned about being in a position of “owing” if I took. Now I am thinking that either way…all give and no take…all take and no give …is not in balance…

  29. Jan says:

    Some people want way more back than they give so have learnt to be ultra cautious in this area, look forward to your view on it!

  30. Kate says:

    It would be very inspiring to hear your experiences about receiving.

  31. DEAN erasmus says:

    Great video thanks

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