Here’s How You Start Receiving

Are you ready to get WAAAAY better at receiving and put an end to all the one-sided relationships in your life?

If so, here’s the first step.

If you feel like you’re a lot better at giving than you are at receiving… this is going to be a game-changer for you.

Once you understand this simple process, a whole new world of abundance and wealth will be open to you.

It took more than 3 years for me to get really good at graciously receiving from others, but once I did, it was a game-changer.

At this very moment, you’re surrounded by people who will gladly help you get anything you could possibly want from life, but the question is…

Have you been maximizing your relationships?

If not, you’ve really been missing out.

Let’s fix that… starting now!

And by the way, there’s no need to take 3 long years like I did… when it can happen in just days.

As promised, I’ll be back with you tomorrow.

I’d love to hear your comments on this. You can post below.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

7 Responses to “Here’s How You Start Receiving”

  1. Jo says:

    Thanks Kevin just what I needed to hear today. Looking forward to tomorrow !

  2. Kayte says:

    It’s been easy to be able to give MYSELF to people by giving time, but somewhere inside my head I feel that it’s only valuable if you are giving to someone financially, and that has not been possible for me. I may need help with that…..

  3. tunde says:

    I use to give more than I received.

  4. Dave says:

    Hi Kevin, Excited to know about it by tomorrow. Cant wait. Thanks buddy.

  5. Cliff Jn.Louis says:

    HELLO Kevin! I am Cliff kevin Jn.Louis and i am grateful for this presentation and your inspired wisdom thank you , i would like to bring to your attention that i know that i was brought into this world to serve and that i take great pride and joy in helping out people everyday of my life great or small young or old with favors and i have a hard time receiving the support i would like from time to time and i appreciate the opportunity to express my self to you toady Kevin ,Honestly i needs help in starting an online business that is real and true one i can create a passive income stream and that i can leverage my time .I currently have a broke bank account for much more than a year now which i would love to change soonest ,Kevin i would like to connect with you on a much deeper level and establish a true and lasting relationship with you i would also like to be a success story of yours Kevin Thompson thank you very much .

  6. Barbara says:

    HI Kevin, Can relate to this, absolutely have trouble asking. looking forward to the next video.

  7. Timothy Bell says:

    I’m viewed this video about a month after you posted it but ohhhh, yes, I do have trouble receiving than giving. I’ve still have issues with feeling less worthy to receive or ask for help when I feel I have nothing much to offer (other than $$). I do relate very much to your story. I felt my eyes water when you related how many people said they would help you if you only asked. I probably would had cried there on that stage. Well, on to viewing your other two videos….

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