Are You Just A “Taker”?

Yesterday I shared an intimate story about my own struggle with receiving from others, and if you’re a great giver, it probably hit home with you in a big way.

You love giving, but like me, you don’t allow others to freely and openly give to you.

There’s many reasons for this:

You don’t want to bother or be a burden to other people.

You don’t want to be perceived as a “taker”.

You don’t feel worthy.

Whatever your reasons, today I’d like to introduce you to another reality.

The reality that you’re NOT a burden to others.

The reality that you’re NOT a “taker”.

The reality that you ARE worthy.

The reality that you’re already surrounded by people who WANT to give to you.

After watching this video and scoring yourself, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Click here to open The Collaboration Scorecard and find out how you score

See you again tomorrow with the 3rd installment. It’s going to be HUGE for you!

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

The Collaboration Scorecard

8 Responses to “Are You Just A “Taker”?”

  1. Tom Jacobsen says:

    People forget what you give
    but remember what you have

  2. Michael Evans says:

    Hi Kevin,

    This resonates with me: I’m good at giving but not so much at receiving. I would give myself a C-


  3. Greg J says:

    Thanks for opening up our eyes and helping us to realize that it is okay to receive from others. I am a giver, rarely a taker.

  4. Catherine Nomura says:

    Hi Kevin!
    Such a great conversation, and of course I want to do your scorecard! I’m working on finishing one today with Shannon on Unique Ability Teamwork mindsets and I bet there’s some overlap because this kind of rugged individualism is one of the biggest obstacles to great teamwork, among other things (and I am definitely guilty of it from time to time!) You’re one of the most giving people I know and your story about Sean Stevenson was pure gold.

    I hope you’re well and that we get to connect somehow, somewhere soon.

    All the very best,

  5. Hi Catherine,

    Thanks so much for your comment because it made me realize that I forgot to include The Scorecard with the post.

    I’ve taken care of this now and look forward to hearing back from you!

    And yes, I look forward to connecting with you again soon as well.

  6. René Krüger says:

    Hi Kevin,
    it really struck me in a positive way as you asked how it feels when I can help somebody and made me then realize that in not letting others help me, I make it impossible for them to feel the same.
    Thank you

  7. Leona says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Many thanks for sharing that story. What I love so far about hearing you speak is how much you come from the heart, and how integrated you have made your business with your personal growth as a human being. What you talk about is not only business success but success that goes all the way to personal fulfillment. Beautiful! Yes, we have to be able to receive to keep a flow going; the tide goes out, and it comes back in – both directions are necessary and natural! We breathe out, and breathe in…if we don’t breathe back in (receive)…well…
    Best wishes,

  8. Jim Romano says:

    I always was a giver even when I was a kid. I always new what it was not to have some thing so if I had something and some one need it I was always happy to help and give to that person because at one point in my life or more I need to but never took what was offered to me I would feel funny taking from others…I do have a little something to share with you and I would really like it to be between you and I. And if you think I should share it I would be more then happy for now I would like to hear your feed back on what it is about and go from there…Jim Romano

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