Being A Receiver Is The REAL You

Over the last couple days I’ve shared two incredibly personal stories that reveal my own struggle with giving and receiving.

I’ve always been really good at receiving, but I was terrible when it came to graciously receiving, or accepting help from others.

All because I never wanted to be perceived as a “taker”.

Those first two experiences definitely caused me to get better at receiving, but the experience I’ll share today was the game-changer.

It took about 3 years to have these experiences in real time, but in sharing them with you, I’m going to compress the time frame for you to only 3 days.

Today’s message is going to be the catalyst that allows YOU to open yourself to graciously receiving from others.

Because the fact is, you’re already surrounded by people who would gladly help you!

Click here to open The Collaboration Scorecard and find out how you score

Be sure to let me know what kind of impact today’s message has on you.

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”

5 Responses to “Being A Receiver Is The REAL You”

  1. eoinsun says:

    Well done. Explained very well. ‘When you don’t allow others to give, you are depriving them of that same experience that we get from giving’ ‘If we don’t openly receive as well as we give, we are just shutting ourselves down. Who are we to deny someone the opportunity to give to us’. Makes a lot of sense. Thank you.

  2. dAVID nEFF says:

    Hi Kevin
    I scored a whopping 59
    so there is some work in progress going on
    here but make no mistake the rabbit will climb the tree

    P.S. also liking Perry Marshall’s stuff

  3. Timothy Bell says:

    I scored 65. A bit of work for me… By the way, the 4-5-6 score attribute for Appreciation seems to be switched with the 7-8-9 one.

    I appreciate your videos, Kevin! It does give me encouragement to seek help with certain people for my website.

  4. Jim Romano says:

    I am a giver and never expect nothing in return.I am always trying to help some one and ask for nothing. A thank you is good enough for me… And I am always there if needed…

  5. Steven Daar says:

    Kevin – –

    Thank you.

    While watching your Archangel Choirstorm earlier today, I came to check out your site and these three videos describe me exactly.

    Out of fear of “looking bad” as a “taker” or someone who is “selfish” or “needs help”, I regularly turned away others offering to give to me…..I haven’t asked even when I’ve needed help.

    Instead, I chose to give more of myself….all the while truly needing to balance myself out through receiving. As Jesse alluded to, I kept breathing out and breathing out…..a truly short term strategy if you don’t also breathe in.

    I am now declaring myself ready & open to receive. To receive help, partnerships, love, appreciation, support, and connection.

    Thank you again, Kevin.

    Your Fellow Angel,

    Steven Daar

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