Huge Tip For Building Relationship Capital

Luke H - Manny G

I just connected two more rock stars… Manny Goldman and Luke Havard.

I LOVE doing this stuff and it’s become a daily occurrence!

When I make introductions at this level, I don’t simply make the connection, and then bow out.

No Siree!

I make time in my schedule so I can join in on the conversation when they connect.

There’s 3 reasons for doing this.

1. It lets me formally introduce the two people I’m connecting.

2. Listening in on their conversation gives me additional insight and information that allows me to get even better at making high level connections like this.

3. I discover other connections that I might need to make for them.

There’s also another HUGE side benefit to all this!

I get paid to listen in on conversations that other people would never be privy to, where the people I connect share intimate details about the inner goings on of their companies.

This added benefit also comes with serious responsibility.

In doing what I do all these years, I’ve earned the respect of these people, and the reason they let me into their world is because they trust me.

They trust me to make connections for them.

They trust me to maintain confidentiality.

They trust me to value their time.

When you have this kind of respect and trust with people… it takes your relationship capital to a whole new level.

And when you have relationship capital like this… the financial capital takes care of itself.

I’d love to hear how YOU create relationship capital.

If you have a process or story to share, you’re welcome to comment below.

The goal in doing this is to help everyone in our community get even better at maximizing the relationships in our lives.

To your success,
Kevin Thompson

5 Responses to “Huge Tip For Building Relationship Capital”

  1. fr8b thoughts and good advice…thank you so much. Glenn

  2. Randy Berg says:

    Establishing trust is the biggest issue that any business has these days. The internet has taken away the person to person aspect of business and turned it into a faceless transaction, in most cases.
    It is crucial to establish a dialogue and relationship as quickly as possible and continue that through the relationship.
    It is not difficult but very few people establish a personal bond with their list of prospects.
    Kevin is one… and the thing is… we all know and can tick off on one hand the number of people we do business with , respect and will refer.
    Figure out what they have and do… and you will do well.

  3. gr8 thoughts and good advice. Thank you so much Glenn

  4. dave says:

    hey kevin can these two guys help me make lots of money

  5. I have no idea Dave.

    What do you have of value to offer that people would love to pay you for?

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